Airtable vs FileMaker

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: FileMaker is better.

We consider FileMaker a better solution in this review when we compare Airtable vs FileMaker because it offers more flexibility in everything it does with both its user interface and data. It also has an array of great features than Airtable.

Airtable vs FileMaker: FEATURES

Airtable is basically a spreadsheet meets data. It is a unique program that has example bases, editorial calendar and dozens of templates the user can pick from and adapt which include novel planning, pet medical history, employee directory and product catalogue and orders. The user can start a database from scratch with each base carrying several tables that are organized into different tabs.

Each table in Airtable is divided into fields which might be the article idea, author, deadline and so on. The fields of Airtable are highly customizable whereby you can have short or long text fields, multiple or single select categories, check boxes, phone numbers, dates and many more with each of the fields formatted.

FileMaker Pro comprises of layouts, templates with summaries, texts and plug-ins that help you to create the database. It involves the use of texts and third-party plug-ins and scripts that allow the user to access the data source. FileMaker also has AES-256-bit file encryption that keeps your information on a server or desktop secure.

Bottom line: FileMaker is better.

Airtable vs FileMaker: WORK MANAGEMENT

Airtable is basically a relational database with an in-built spreadsheet interface and comes with a cloud-based sync which ensures real time updates as well as easy collaboration experience. Users on this platform can create highly customizable bases within their own workspaces where they can store as well as analyse data.

FileMaker on the other hand has a GUI-interface that the user can use the drag-and-drop option for easy data management. It allows the user to connect to SQL databases like SQL server and Oracle by simply installing an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver.

It allows users to customize installed apps with their company brand names, logos and colors. In addition, it has reporting and charting tools that help the user summarize reports, graphs, charts as well as dashboards.

Bottom line: FileMaker is better.

Airtable vs FileMaker: COLLABORATION

Airtable has rich field types which include texts, attachments, checkboxes, photos, barcodes, long notes and many more. It is a platform where users can share records and databases with the other team members of the team or organization. With Airtable, members can add comments, notes or discussions on records so that they can collaborate from the database in real time.

FileMaker on the other hand is an app development solution designed to allow users create and deploy apps. Apps can be made on cloud, across mobile and on premise environments with a lot of ease. FileMaker also supports the importation of files from other platforms to enable the teams focus on handling the tasks they are assigned to. Teams also have the freedom of sharing and managing files with other team members and other external collaborators with a lot of ease. In addition, FileMaker is compatible across platforms like iPad, iPhone and Mac and Windows PCs. This allows members to access their colleague’s database from other devices.

Bottom line: FileMaker is better.

Airtable vs FileMaker: PRICING

Airtable has a free trial, Airtable free, Airtable plus plan which goes for $£12 per user per month, Airtable pro which costs $24 per user per month and Airtable enterprise plan which you can contact vendor for price quotation.

The pricing of FileMaker is a bit different as teams and individuals acquire access to the software’s suite of features and services when they purchase a license. The enterprise pricing differ according to the teams who will host the system on their servers as well as a cloud-based system and individuals. Teams (Company server Hosting) starts at $888 for annual subscription for 5 users. Individual plan costs for $329 as a one-time payment (download only) or $349 as a one-time payment (download with CD/DVD).

Bottom line: Airtable is better.


In this review, FileMaker is a better solution for users who want full UI flexibility, an iOS app that is capable of interacting with hardware features and much more.

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