Airtable vs Google sheets

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Airtable is better.

When we compare Airtable vs Google sheets in this review, Airtable is better because you can use it to store or track data (catalogues, time-sheets, inventory, etc.) and has pretty graphs and brutally complex spreadsheet that you can use for planning events, projects and much more.

Airtable vs Google sheets: FEATURES

We can describe Airtable as a spreadsheet meets data. It is a unique program that has example bases, editorial calendar and dozens of templates the user can pick from and adapt which include novel planning, pet medical history, employee directory and product catalog and orders. The user can start a database from scratch with each base carrying several tables that are organized into different tabs.

Each table in Airtable is divided into fields which might be the article idea, author, deadline and so on. The fields of Airtable are highly customizable whereby you can have short or long text fields, multiple or single select categories, check boxes, phone numbers, dates and many more with each of the fields formatted.

Google sheets on the other hand is a web-based spreadsheet solution which is part of the office suite of Google Drive whereby sheets resemble a simplified version of MS Excel having some features supporting complex formulas and modelling missing. In its form, Google sheets acts as a lightweight solution for collaborative data analysis and storage. It is not a database but users are capable of using it as a makeshift database with the QUERY function.

Bottom line: Airtable is better.

Airtable vs Google sheets: WORK MANAGEMENT

Airtable is basically a relational database with an in-built spreadsheet interface and comes with a cloud-based sync which ensures real time updates as well as easy collaboration experience. Users on this platform can create highly customizable bases within their own workspaces where they can store as well as analyse data.

Google sheets on the side users can create spreadsheets in their browser without installing any software and handle everything like budgeting, scheduling and other pre-made spreadsheets. Google sheets has built-in formulas, conditional formatting and pivot tables. It boasts of having a profound collaboration whereby instead of emailing a list of spreadsheets, users instead share the specific file and edit it simultaneously and commenting in real time. Team members can also track the file version’s history without the need of saving additional separate files. In addition, Google sheets has the offline editing feature its platform is free with premium plans also available.

Bottom line: Airtable is better.

Airtable vs Google sheets: COLLABORATION

Airtable has rich field types which include texts, attachments, checkboxes, photos, barcodes, long notes and many more. It is a platform where users can share records and databases with the other team members of the team or organization. With Airtable, members can add comments, notes or discussions on records so that they can collaborate from the database in real time.

A Google sheet on the other hand has the most powerful feature where users can collaborate in real time. Instead of the manager of the project emailing the entire spreadsheets, he simply shares the file and edits it simultaneously while commenting in real time. The team members can as well track the file version’s history without saving more separate files. Google sheet has an additional offline editing feature.

Bottom line: Google sheet is better.

Airtable vs Google sheets: PRICING

Airtable has a free trial, Airtable free, Airtable plus plan which goes for $£12 per user per month, Airtable pro which costs $24 per user per month and Airtable enterprise plan which you can contact vendor for price quotation.

Google sheets on the other hand also has a free plan and the paid plans billed as follows; basic plan is billed at $5.00 per user per month, the business plan goes for $10.000 per user per month whereas the Enterprise plan costs $25.00 per user per month.

Bottom line: Airtable is better in terms of pricing as it offers better pricing plans and its free version has a bunch of more useful features than those of Google sheets.


When we compare Google sheets and Airtable in this review, Airtable is better as it has superior features than Google sheets.

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