Airtable vs Trello

February 7, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Airtable is better.

Airtable is better than Trello when we compare Airtable vs Trello because it is not limited to task management, can achieve the same role to Trello using its Kanban board views and plays a big role in organising and documenting every element required by the team to succeed.

Airtable vs Trello: FEATURES

Airtable is project management software designed to be a database, spreadsheet and project management app combined. Its core is formed of a spreadsheet-style database capable of storing entries for anything the user wants. Once you have the data at hand, the data entries are then linked together and further arranged into views from grids to galleries and calendars into Kanban boards. The views are then arranged by any variable that the user has defined and filtered in order to do away with unwanted information.

Trello on the other hand is fully designed and dedicated to being a Kanban board whereby the user can create ‘cards’ to move between various columns. It is project management software that allows users to organize their tasks by the use of Kanban boards, lists, cards and other productivity tools. The team members have the ability to use the simple platform to collaborate and work on various projects.

Trello Power-Ups add additional functionality to your boards and you can add buttons to your boards, display previews of attachments on ‘cards’ and much more. Other power-ups add a calendar view, google drive, Notejoy and voting to customize your project and do a lot more.

Bottom line: Airtable is better as it has massive features than Trello

Airtable vs Trello: WORK MANAGEMENT

Airtable is a project management tool that does everything a separate way and succeeds perfectly. It is an online collaboration tool that allows the user to organize anything, including projects it works as part spreadsheet and part database whereby teams can work how they want. It is good in combining powerful features with guidance so that you are able to use them. In addition, it is able to save a lot of time in addition to keep your projects tracked and organized.

Trello is a platform whereby your team can create can create boards from the main dashboard or boards tab and then name each board to the suitability of your project. You can then add ‘to do’, ‘doing’ and ‘done’ tasks which can be scheduled for specific later dates and times. The Trello cards can be filtered with colored labels which can then be set for certain times. In addition, the privacy filters can be set to private, public or team.

Bottom line: Airtable is better as it is good in portfolio coordination, portfolio budgeting, workflow and cost tracking.

Airtable vs Trello: COLLABORATION

Airtable is an online collaboration tool that allows the user to organise everything including the project. It bills itself into database and part spreadsheet for team members to work according to their preference.

Trello on the other hand is designed to suit teams whereby users can invite people to their boards through a button at the top. Each member is identified by an icon with their profile picture or initials showing who is there. Trello has a limited integration library that includes Google Drive, JIRA and slack, and its API allows developers to create their own.

Bottom line: Airtable is better.

Airtable vs Trello: PRICING

Airtable paid plans include;

Plus; $10 per user per month when billed annually and includes everything the free plan has up to 5000 records per base, 5GB attachment space per base and has 6 month revision and snapshot history.

Pro plan costs $20 per user per month when paid annually and includes everything from plus plan with up to 50000 records per base, 20GB attachment space per base, 1 year revision and snapshot history, access to blocks, advanced color and styling options, customizable forms, advanced calendar features and extra permission options for your bases and views.

Enterprise plan has variable pricing and includes everything from pro with increased number of records per base, 1000GB attachment space per base, 3 years revision and snapshot history, dedicated customer success manager, on boarding and training, single sign-on, unlimited workspaces, consolidated company account, enterprise-wide admin panel and enhanced deletion recovery.

Trello paid plans include the following

Business class costs $9.99 per user per month when paid annually and has everything from free plan plus unlimited power-ups, attach files up to 250MB, full user permission management, custom board backgrounds and stickers and priority email support.

Enterprise plan goes for $20.83 per user per month when paid annually and includes everything business plan has plus single sign-on, 2-factor authentication, personalized on boarding assistance, priority email and phone support, file encryption, intrusion detection, custom security review and enhanced SLA.

Bottom line: Trello is better.


When we compare Trello vs Airtable in this review, Airtable is much better as it supersedes Trello in almost all the features.

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