Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE


Bottom line: which one is better?

The iPhone SE compared to iPhone 4s doesn’t provide much of a difference as they are both from Apple. SE, however, does run on a stronger operating system of iOS v10 to iOS v5 for 4s. The SE allows USB connectivity via Mass storage device and Proprietary.

Bottom line: ability to make use of external devices enhances multitask ability of a phone thereby making iPhone SE a better phone.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE: Design

The comparison of iPhone SE vs iPhone 4s size wise presents quite a lot differences. The SE is slimmer by 1.7mm to 4s. The iPhone 4s is same in width to SE at 58.6 mm but heavier in weight by 27 grams. At 123.8 mm, SE is longer than 4s by 8.6 mm. the SE has extra shades of color than 4s.

Bottom line: everything is ticking right here in terms of size, weight and length for iPhone SE making it a better phone.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE: Display

The SE slightly edges 4s by offering a more advanced display feature. It has higher screen to body ratio of 60.66% to 54.03%, larger screen size of 4.0 inches to 3.5 inches, and high screen resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. The iPhone 4s has high pixel density of 330ppi to 326ppi and screen protection of Corning Gorilla Glass and Oleophobic coating.

Bottom line:  a larger screen is a larger platform as high resolution is equivalent to excellent picture capture. These are provided for in iPhone SE hence a better phone.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE: Performance

Though both phones ran on Apple A9 APL0898 chipset, SE has a much powerful graphics of PowerVR GT7600 to PowerVR SGX 543MP2. The SE has Dual core, 1.84 GHz processor while 4s is on Dual core, 1 GHz, Cortex A9. SE has RAM of 2GB to 512 MB for 4s which is way smaller.

Bottom line: a phone on very limited RAM is quite limiting on what you can do with and on it. By offering a larger RAM, the iPhone SE is better.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE: Cameras

The SE is superior to 4s by offering high video recording of 1280×720 @ 30 fps, 1.2 MP Front Camera to 0.3MP, Phase Detection autofocus, excellent image resolution of 4608 x 2592 Pixels, Continuous Shooting, camera Burst mode, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, and Smile detection.

Bottom line: you’ll not be putting your foot wrong by going for a phone with all these features to enhance your enjoyment. This is iPhone SE hence a better phone.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE: Audio

There is no point of separation when comparing iPhone 4s vs iPhone SE in terms of audio as both have loudspeaker, audio jack of 3.5mm and lack FM radio.

Bottom line: as much as you would prefer having FM radio, it is lacking in both phones. Since they cannot be separated, any pick is better.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE: Battery

The only similarity is that both phones offer in-built batteries. SE with high charge capacity of 1642mAh offer talk time of up to 14 hours on 3G as compared to 4s at 1430mAh and talk time of up to 8 hour on 3g and 14 hours on 2G.

Bottom line: a larger charge capacity ensures longevity of a phone whenever in use and this is provided for iPhone SE making it better.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB vs Apple iPhone SE: Special features

To compare iPhone 4s to iPhone SE is basically an easy task. The SE has Bluetooth connectivity of v4.2 to v4.2 for 4s. Though both phones have same sensors and lack expandable memory, SE has a larger internal memory of 32GB to 16GB

Bottom line: having several sensor points is welcomed but having higher storage ability is even better. The iPhone SE with a larger storage capacity is better.


In deed advancement of phone features is always expected whenever a phone is launched after the other. With camera ability of 12MP to 8MP, the iPhone SE is way above 4s hence better.