Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7

July 3, 2019

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Bottom line: which one is better?

In comparing iPhone 5s vs iPhone 7, it is important to appreciate that they are both products of Apple. The iPhone 7 is much of a superior quality over 5s due to double storage ability of 32GB, an extra 4Mp camera, and a larger battery capacity by a difference of 400mAh over iPhone 5s.

Bottom line: in an event scenario where a longer charge is needed to capture the happenings, iPhone 7 will be reliable. It offers a further storage capacity and sharp image capturing. Of the two phones, iPhone 7 is better.

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7: Design

The iPhone 7 compared to iPhone 5, is slimmer in terms of thickness by a difference of 0.5mm. It is, further, wider by 8.5mm, heavier by 26 grams, and taller by 14.5mm over 5s. The iPhone 7 has an added advantage of being available in 5 shades of colors as opposed to 5s that has only 3.

Bottom line: by virtue that iPhone 7 offers a slimmer but wider and bigger platform to operate on, it becomes more admirable and would therefore be preferred over iPhone 5s.

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7: Display

This is the platform that offers a direct interaction of data with clients. When you therefore look at iPhone 7 vs iPhone 5, it is evident that iPhone 7 offers quite a magnificent opportunity to enjoy this interaction as elaborated below:

  • It offers a higher screen size of 4.7 inches which has a difference of 0.7 inches over iPhone 5s. It becomes much sweeter that 7 offer a screen to body ratio of 65.47%, an enormous difference of 4.8% over 5s.
  • With a screen resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels, why would you go for iPhone 5s that offers the service at only 640 x 1136 pixels? The iPhone 5s offers Capacitive and Multi-touch touchscreen whereas iPhone 7 offer 3D Touch and Multi-touch touchscreen.

Bottom line:  The possibility to capture high quality pictures and on a larger platform is endearing to the clients and this is provided by iPhone 7 which is better over 5s.

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7: Performance

The iPhone 7 size vs iPhone 5s in terms of Ram is incomparable as iPhone 7 has a double size over 5s. Further to this, 5s has slightly older graphics and chipset software.  The iPhone 7 offers a more superior set in PowerVR GT7600 Plus and Apple A10 Fusion APL1024 respectively.

The iPhone 7 offers even a better feature in terms of phone processor. The 5s runs on Dual core, 1.3 GHz, and Cyclone while iPhone 7 ran on Quad core (2.34 GHz, Dual core, Hurricane + 1.1 GHz, Dual core, Zephyr).

Bottom line: the iPhone 7 was a late launch to 5s meaning it had time to be fine-tuned. It carries much superior processor, higher Ram capacity and newest graphics and chipset. The iPhone 7 is therefore a better phone.

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7: Cameras

To compare iPhone 5s and 7 in terms of camera features is as easy as taking a picture itself. Whereas the 5s a single digital zoom, 7 offer the same 4 times higher (5 digital zoom).  The iPhone 7 has an additional feature of Phase Detection autofocus which 5s lack.

The iPhone 7 has high image resolution of 4608 x 2592 Pixels to iPhone 5s 3264 x 2448 Pixels. With a front camera resolution of 7Mp, 5s with 1.2Mp has nothing on 7. Video recording is enhanced with 7 at 1920×1080 @ 30 fps while 5s only offer       1280×720 @ 30 fps.

Bottom line: what more can you ask for than superior videos and sublime pictures? The iPhone 7 is the best.

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7: Audio

It is quite unfortunate that in comparing iPhone 5 vs iPhone 7 you’ll find that both lack FM radio. They however have loudspeaker. The iPhone 5s seems to have an edge over 7 due to the fact that it has an Audio Jack of 3.5mm.

Bottom line:  the lack of an audio jack for iPhone 7 means that iPhone 5s has an edge hence a better phone.

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7: Battery

It is quite unfortunate that both do not have in-built batteries. Despite the fact that 5s has a higher standby time of up to 250 hours on 3G, it lags on talk time by 4 hours. The iPhone 7 has a larger charge capacity of 1960mAh over 5s that is 1560mAh.

Bottom line:  Quite a number of clients love a longer engagement time on a longer charge. By this virtue, iPhone 7 is the best.

Apple iPhone 5s vs Apple iPhone 7: Special features

The iPhone 7 has a barometer as an additional sensor over 5s. In addition, 7 has an additional Wi-Fi connectors of a/ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz, MIMO and a stronger Bluetooth of v4.2.

Bottom line: The ease of connecting to Wi-Fi wherever you are is very comforting and reliable. This makes iPhone 7 a better phone.


It is not always the norm that you will find a superior and reliable phone. The iPhone 7 is such an enticing prospect to own despite its price. It is a sure guarantee for every sent spent to own it as compared to the iPhone 5s. It therefore goes without saying that iPhone 7 is better.