Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5


Bottom line: which one is better?

LG G5 vs iPhone 6s comparison brings to the fore the differences in operating systems where iPhone 6 rans on iOS v10 and G5 on Android v6.0.1 (Marshmallow). The two phones are further differentiated by number of sim cards they can handle; G5 is dual sim while iPhone 6 is single sim.

Bottom line: the possibility of having two lines in one phone is granted here by G5, making it a better phone.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5: Design

The iPhone 6 takes the lead when comparing LG G5 vs iPhone 6 in terms of design. It is smaller in thickness at 6.9mm to G5 at 7.3mm. The iPhone 6 lighter in weight by 30grams, 12.3mm shorter in height, and 6.9mm narrower to G5. Hind side to iPhone 6 is its availability in one color to 3 colors of G5.

Bottom line: a lighter and shorter phone enhances portability hence iPhone 6 is a better phone.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5: Display

In comparing iPhone vs LG G5, take note that they are worlds apart. G5 is on high pixel density of 554ppi and 6 on 326ppi. LG is on Corning Gorilla Glass V4 protection and high screen to body ratio of 69.98% to iPhone’s 66.14%. G5 has high screen size and resolution to iPhone 6.

Bottom line:  everyone is looking for a bigger phone platform to work with alongside advance display features. These are in LG G5 making it a better phone.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5: Performance

LG G5 vs iPhone comparison on performance shows a clear win for G5. It has an advanced chipset and graphics; Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996 and Adreno 530 respectively. Though they have same architecture of 64bit, G5 has high RAM of 4GB to 1GB and Octa core (2.1 GHz, Quad core, Kryo + 1.6 GHz, Quad core, Kryo) processor to Dual core, 1.4 GHz, Cyclone.

Bottom line: a fast processor coupled with advanced chipset, graphics, and high RAM assures proper and efficient use of G5 hence a better phone.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5: Cameras

These two phones have quite a number of similar camera features. G5, however, has an extremely high image resolution of 4616 x 3464 Pixels, 8MP front camera resolution to 1.2MP, and high video recording ability of 1920×1080 @ 30 fps. They also differ on sensor, autofocus, and physical aperture.

Bottom line: differences are bound to exist, but what type of difference? An advanced development makes a phone better and this is epitomized in G5 making it better.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5: Audio

Comparing iPhone 6 vs LG G5 doesn’t offer much of a difference between the two phones. Both have loudspeaker and audio jack of 3.5mm. The only difference is that G5 has FM Radio while iPhone 6 lacks.

Bottom line: you’re guaranteed a fulfilling life through radio, boredom is forgotten. G5 offers this thereby a better phone.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5: Battery

The only undoing for G5 when comparing iPhone 6 vs LG G5 is it has a user replaceable battery. It is however stronger on standby and talk times; up to 400 to 240 and up to 20 to 14 hours on 3G respectively. It is also on a high battery charge capacity of 2800mAh to 1810mAh.

Bottom line: with high charge capacity, sufficient talk and standby times, G5 is definitely better.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB vs LG G5: Special features

Though it doesn’t allow use of some external applications, G5 has Bluetooth of v4.2 to v4.0, an Expandable Memory of up to 2 TB that iPhone 6 lacks, and a rear fingerprint sensor to iPhone 6’s front fingerprint sensor.

Bottom line: any phone that has an expandable memory will always win. LG G5 is better.


This is one of the easiest phone comparisons you can ever have. The phones are miles apart in almost all aspects making it easier to pick one over the other. With a lot of advanced features, LG G5 is a better phone.