Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40)


Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: LG G5 (H840) is a better phone than Apple iPhone 6 as it has ideal features.

The following iPhone 6 vs LG G5 review proves that LG GH (H840) is a better phone;

It has 1.55× more battery power, 5.14× faster CPU speed, 1.7× higher pixel density, 12.77% bigger screen size, 2GB more RAM memory, 3.68× higher resolution, 2× more megapixels (main camera) and 6.67×more megapixels (front camera).

Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40): DESIGN

Weight; Apple iPhone 6 weighs 129g while LG G5 (H40) weighs 159g.

Thickness; Apple iPhone 6 has a thickness of 6.9mm compared to LG G5 (H40) that measures 7.7mm.

Width; the width of the two differs with Apple iPhone being 67mm wide whereas LG G5 (H40) having a width of 73.9mm.

Height; Apple iPhone 6 is 138.1mm long while LG G5 (H40) being 149.4mm long.

Volume; the two have volume variance with Apple iPhone 6 having 63.84cm3 while LG G5 (H40) being 85.01cm3.

Bottom line: LG G5 (H40) has the best design having vast volume and width.

 Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40): DISPLAY

Resolution; LG G5 (H40) has a resolution of 1440 × 2560px while Apple iPhone has 750 × 1334px.

Pixel density; Apple iPhone 6’s pixel density is 326ppi while that of LG G5 (H40) being 554ppi.

Branded damage resistant glass; LG GH (H40) has this feature.

Screen size; Apple iPhone 6 has a screen size of 4.7” whereas that of LG G5 (H40) is 5.3”.

Bottom line: LG G5 (H40) has a better display having a bigger screen and branded damage resistant screen.

Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40): PERFORMANCE

GPU clock speed; Apple iPhone 6 has a GPU clock speed of 450MHz (Apple A8) whereas LG G5 (H40) has 624MHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996).

CPU threads; Apple iPhone 6 has CPU threads of 2(Apple A8) compared to 4(Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996).

Out-of-order execution; only Apple iPhone 6 has this feature.

The two smartphones also have AES and integrated graphics.

Bottom line: LG G5 (H40) tops the chart having a greater GPU speed and higher CPU threads.

Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40): CAMERAS

Megapixels; iPhone 6 has 8MP while LG G5 (H40) has 16MP which is higher.

Built-in optical image stabilization; this feature is found with LG G5 (H40) alone.

Front camera megapixels; iPhone 6 has 1.2MP only compared to 8MP of LG G5 (H40).

Video recording (main camera); LG G5 (H40) has a higher video recording on main camera of 2160 × 30fps compared to that of iPhone 6 which is 1080 × 30fps.

Widest aperture; Apple iPhone 6 has an aperture of f/2.2 while LG G5 (H40) has f/1.8.

The two have flash.

Bottom line: LG G5 (H40) is so far the best having built-in optical image stabilization and a high video recording for greater image production.

Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40): AUDIO

Stereo speakers; LG G5 (H40) has stereo speakers unlike Apple iPhone 6.

Socket for 3.5mm audio jack; the two smartphones have this feature.

Number of microphones; Apple iPhone 6 has 3 while LG G5 (H40) has only two.

Radio; LG G5 (H40) has a radio.

Bottom line: LG G5 (H40) has the lead with a radio and stereo speakers making it a better phone.

Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40): BATTERY

Battery power; LG G5 (H40) has a higher battery power of 2800mAh compared to that of Apple iPhone which is 1810mAh.

Wireless charging; LG G5 (H40) has wireless charging.

Removable battery; this feature is found with LG G5 (H40) alone.

The two smartphones have battery level indicators.

Bottom line: LG G5 (H40) is a better phone compared to iPhone 6 having removable battery and supports wireless charging.

Apple iPhone 6 vs LG G5 (H40): Special features

In review of key features of these two smartphones, we find that LG G5 (H40) has excellent and more features that include multi-user system, offline voice recognition, supports java, is free and open source and allows app installs on the device’s external storage. Similarly, the two phones have charging intents.

Bottom line: LG G5 (H840) is a better phone.


LG G5 (H40) is an excellent smartphone compared to Apple iPhone with its key features superseding those of Apple iPhone 6.