Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel


Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Google pixel is the better device based on most of the evaluated features.

Comparing iPhone 6s vs Pixel, Google Pixel is better as it has the following identical features; 1.62× more battery power, 2.17× faster CPU speed, 35.28% higher pixel density, 6.38% bigger screen size, 2GB more RAM memory, 2.07× higher resolution,2.5% more megapixels on main camera and 1.6× more megapixels on front camera.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel: DESIGN

Thickness; Apple iPhone 6s is 7.1mm thick while Google Pixel is 8.6mm thick.

Weight; both Apple iPhone 6s and Google Pixel have same weight of 143g each.

Width; Apple iPhone 6s measures 67.1mm wide while Google Pixels measures 69.5mm wide.

Height; Apple iPhone 6s has a height of 138.3mm whereas Google Pixel is 143.8mm long.

Volume; the volume of Apple iPhone 6s is 65.89c cubic centimetres while Google Pixel has 85.95 cubic centimetres.

Bottom line: Google pixel is better in design.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel: DISPLAY

Resolution; Google Pixel has a higher resolution than Apple iPhone 6s, 1080×1920px to 750×1334px respectively.

Pixel density; the pixel density of Google Pixel is higher than that of Apple iPhone 6s, 441ppi to 326ppi.

Branded damage resistant glass; Google Pixel has branded resistant glass unlike Apple iPhone 6s.

Screen size; screen size of Apple iPhone is 4.7” while that of Google Pixel is 5”.

LCD display with 3 subpixels per pixels; only Apple iPhone 6s has this feature.

Amoled display; this feature is with Google Pixel only.

Bottom line: Apple iphone 6s is better in display.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel: PERFOMANCE

Integrated LTE; this feature is found only on Google Pixel.

Integrated graphics; in this review on iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel, both phones have this feature.

They also have out-of-order execution, AES and dynamic frequency scaling.

OpenGl version; Apple iPhone 6s has 3.3 (Apple A9) while Google Pixel has 3.1 (Android 7.0 Nougat).

Bottom line: Google pixel is better in performance.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel: CAMERAS

Megapixels; Apple iPhone 6s has 12MP while Google Pixel has 12.3MP

Built-in optical image stabilization; unlike Apple iPhone 6s, Google Pixel has this feature.

Front camera megapixels; Apple iPhone 6s has 5MP while Google Pixel has 8MP.

Video recording main camera; both the phones, iPhone 6 vs Google Pixel, have the same 2160×30fps video recording.

Widest aperture; Apple iPhone 6s has f/2.2 while Google Pixel has f/2

Both phones, iPhone 6 vs Google Pixel, have a flash.

Bottom line: Google Pixel has better megapixels, has built-in optical image and its front camera has more megapixels.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel: AUDIO

While both of the phones, Pixel vs iPhone 6, have the same socket for a 3.5mm audio jack feature, Apple iPhone 6s has 3 microphones as compared to Google Pixel that has only 2 microphones.

Bottom line: Apple iphone 6s is better in audio experience.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel: BATTERY

Battery power; Google Pixel has a better battery power as compared to Apple iPhone 6s, 2770mAh and 1715mAh respectively.

In comparing, iPhone 6 vs Pixel, both phones have battery level indicator as well as rechargeable battery.

Bottom line: Google pixel is better in battery features.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Pixel: Special features

Google pixel has a multi-user system, offline voice recognition, supports java, is free and open source and allows app installs on the device’s external storage. They both have sharing intents.


Google Pixel, therefore, is better than Apple iPhone 6s because of a higher battery power, faster CPU speed for quicker task execution, higher pixel density, more RAM memory and advanced technology.