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Apple iPhone 7 Plus VS. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
samsung-galaxy-note-5 Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Samsung Galaxy Note 5

September 12, 2019

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Bottom line: which one is better?

iPhone 7 plus takes a comfortable lead since it has 1.5x more megapixels, 40% more megapixels, 192gb more internal storage, stereo speakers and LCD with three subpixels per pixels. It is also water resistant, dustproof, 3x faster in downloads, and 0.3mm thinner.


When evaluating the design of iphone 7 plus vs. note 5, the following specs are vital:

Height; apple iphone 7 plus has a height of 158.2mm while note 5 has 153.2mm.

Width; iphone 7 plus has 77.9mm while note 5 has 76.1mm.

Thickness; iphone 7 plus is 7.3mm thick while note 5 is 7.6mm.

Weight; iphone 7 plus weighs 188g while note 5 is 171g.

Only iphone 7 plus is weather sealed, dustproof, and water resistant.

Bottom Line design
iphone 7 plus is better in design.


When it comes to display, note 5 vs. iphone 7 compares according to:

Pixel density; iphone 7 plus has 401ppi while note 5 has 518ppi.

Resolution; iphone 7 plus has 1080 x 1920px while galaxy note 5 has 1440 x 2560px.

Screen size; iphone 7 plus has a 5.5″ screen while note 5 has 5.7.”

Both phones have a branded damage resistant glass.

Only iphone 7 plus has an IPS screen, LCD with three subpixels per pixels and a 3D touch. On the other hand, only galaxy note 5 has an AMOLED display.

Bottom Line display
iphone 7 plus is better in the display.


The performance of galaxy note 5 vs. iphone 7 plus depends on:

CPU threads; iphone 7 plus has 6 (Apple A10 fusion) while note 5 has 8 (Samsung Exynos 7420)

OpenGL version; iphone 7 plus has 3.3 (Apple A10 fusion) while note 5 has 3.1 (Android 5.1 lollipop)

RAM; iPhone 7 plus has 3gb while galaxy note 5 has 4gb.

Internal storage; iPhone 7 plus has 256gb while galaxy note 5 has 64gb.

Both phones have integrated LTE, graphics, AES, NX bit and dynamic frequency scaling.

Only iPhone 7 plus has an out of order execution.

Bottom Line performance
iphone 7 plus is better in performance.


Megapixels; iPhone 7 plus has a 12mp back camera while note 5 has 16mp.

Front camera megapixels; iPhone 7 plus has 7mp while note 5 has 5mp.

Video recording; both phones have 2160 x 30fps.

Both phones have a flash, phase detection autofocus, and built-in optical image stabilization.

Only iPhone 7 plus has a dual lens, and a dual-tone LED flash.

Bottom Line cameras
it is evident from the above comparison of note 5 vs. iPhone 7 plus that iPhone 7 plus is better.


When comparing iPhone 7 vs. note 5 in terms of the audio, the following parameters are essential:

Stereo speakers; only iPhone 7 plus has.

Both phones have 3 microphones and lack dedicated media keys and radio. However, galaxy note 5 has a socket for a 3.5mm audio jack, which lacks in the former.

Bottom Line audio
Therefore, galaxy note 5 is better in the audio experience.


iPhone 7 plus has a 2900mAh battery power while note 5 has 3000mAh.

Both phones have a battery level indicator and lack fast charging and a removable battery.

Only Samsung galaxy note 5 has wireless charging and an ultra-power saving mode.

Bottom Line battery
Samsung galaxy note 5 is better.


Only Galaxy note 5 has a multi-user system, offline voice recognition, java, a browser with word wrap and is DLNA certified.

Bottom Line special features
it is evident that galaxy note 5 is better.

Wrapping up, user tastes and preferences matter a lot when choosing the right phone, but in this case, iPhone 7 plus is better than note 5.

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