Asana vs Airtable

Asana vs Airtable

September 10, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Asana is better.

In this review, Asana is better when we compare Asana vs Airtable as users can connect work across teams, increase accountability and centralize collaboration whereby you can manage and communicate about work in a centralized place.

Asana vs Airtable: FEATURES

Asana is one of the most popular project management software that has robust work management platform which serves your team members for them to remain focused on the goals, projects as well as daily tasks as your business grows. This software enables the user plan and structure work in his preference. You can set priorities and deadlines, share details as well as assign tasks in a centralized place.

In addition, Asana allows the user to follow the progress of the project in every stage and in so doing you know whether there is delay and why and amend the issue to keep the project moving.

Airtable on the other hand is database management software designed for teams, organisations and businesses of all sizes. It has organization and collaboration functionalities as well as capabilities which makes it flexible and mobile friendly database management solution. It is a platform that offers users the ability to organize their content, projects, ideas and records in a centralized and because of its relational database capability it is known to be more than just a spreadsheet. It has the ability to link familiar records as well as data for the users to directly access the information in a single database from the other and vice versa.

Bottom line: Asana is better.

Asana vs Airtable: WORK MANAGEMENT

Asana software is a solid, user-friendly project management tool with user friendly interface that helps the user manage his projects while keeping every member on board. The core workflow of Asana is mainly to build projects around tasks and subtasks whereby they are later arranged in sections and assigned to people and remain focused to the progress of the project.

Airtable is a project management tool that does everything a separate way as compared to its competitors. It is an online collaboration tool that allows the user to organize anything, including projects it works as part spreadsheet and part database whereby teams can work how they want. It is good in combining powerful features with guidance so that you are able to use them. In addition, it is able to save a lot of time in addition to keep your projects tracked and organized.

Bottom line: Asana is better.

Asana vs Airtable: COLLABORATION

Asana helps the user to have an overview of the role of every member and what each member is doing. You can assign the tasks and subtasks created to every member in the project and comment on each one putting the discussion about the progress of the discussion in one place. You can also upload files to each task and share them with project team members. The files can be up to 100MB and there is allowance of attaching as many as you want making it the best program to share files online.

Airtable has rich field types which include texts, attachments, checkboxes, photos, barcodes, long notes and many more. It is a platform where users can share records and databases with the other team members of the team or organization. With Airtable, members can add comments, notes or discussions on records so that they can collaborate from the database.

Bottom line: Asana is better

Asana vs Airtable: PRICING

In terms of pricing, Asana offers free plan for 1 user, Premium plan which goes at $9.99 per month for 1 user, business plan that goes for $19.99 per month for 1 user and enterprise plan which has custom pricing and user count.

Airtable on the other hand has a free trial, Airtable free, Airtable plus plan which goes for $£12 per user per month, Airtable pro which costs $24 per user per month and Airtable enterprise plan which you can contact vendor for price quotation.

Bottom line: Asana is better as it has a better pricing plan as compared to Airtable.


When we compare Airtable vs Asana in this review, Asana is better as users can connect work across teams, increase accountability and centralize collaboration whereby you can manage and communicate about work in a centralized place.

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