Asana vs Monday.com

February 7, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Monday.com is better.

Monday.com is better project management software when we compare Monday vs Asana as it offers more when it comes to security and has a quality feel. It is also not expensive.

Asana vs Monday.com: FEATURES

In terms of features, Asana software is known to arrange all tasks in a list view or a Kanban board view and then allows you to drag and drop them as you modify them to your perfection. It allows you to expand the tasks further into subtasks as you define how they relate with their dependencies. Monday.com lacks this feature Asana makes it easy to manage team projects, processes and tasks, stay productive as work is delivered faster.

Monday.com allows you to view tasks in several ways through different plans. It has Kanban board and activity log on both plans with timeline, calendar and map views provided by high tier plans. Monday.com allows you to organize all your tasks on boards that have grouped items. These groups can then be defined to enable you choose how to structure your project. This program is a flexible platform on which you can customize all the fields and manipulate them for other things. In addition, Monday.com provides several fields of the same type, provides you with the blocks for you to decide what you want to do with them. You are guaranteed a 5GB of storage memory on the basic plan, 50GB on the standard and unlimited storage space on the higher tiers.

Bottom line: Asana is better as it has subtasks and dependency management and unlimited storage space even on its free tier.

Asana vs Monday.com: WORK MANAGEMENT

Asana has the tasks in a consistent structure with assignees and due dates whereby every member in the project knows the work to be done, the responsible member and the due date. With Asana, you can do very many things on your project as it has the zappier service which lets you access more like Trello Salesforce and JIRA which gives you option of using other online platforms together with Asana. In addition, you can see what is to be done in the status view and generate reports which have information about the progress of the tasks in the project.

Monday.com is cloud-based project management software that basically makes the workloads and communication simple amongst the members. It has a very unique organizational approach that makes use of color as well as placement so that is essential for the manager to easily manage a team. The color-coded boards allow users to check the progress of the projects, the finished tasks or whether the project is stuck and why so that they can amend the issue. The board helps the managers of the project to view status, text, person, timeline or date. This is essential because the manager can determine whether some team members are under or overworked and balance the workloads.

Bottom line: Asana is better.

Asana vs Monday.com: COLLABORATION

Asana is task-based project management software whereby users can add more information to each task and then arrange them into projects. The custom field tracking and tagging feature allows you to follow and search anything included in your task and has workflow feature that helps you to automate your process. Asana promotes collaboration as it creates a platform for users to communicate at ease with team members within the software.

Monday.com is a platform whereby all communication is carried out on a board. The rows which are known as ‘pulses’ are then added which include comments as well file attachments. Users can also send messages to specific people or the whole project team. The notifications for pulses in this case take place in real-time on the desktop as well as mobile apps.

Bottom line: Monday.com is better.

Asana vs Monday.com: PRICING

Asana has a free plan and allows users to upgrade to paid plans which have addition and great features. The premium plan costs $9.99 per month for a single user, the Business plan goes for $19.99 per month for one user and finally the Enterprise which is also free.

Monday.com has the Basic Plan that goes for $25.00 per month, Standard plan that goes for $39.00 per month, the Pro plan goes for $59.00 per month and the Enterprise plan that costs $118.00.

Bottom line: Asana is better.


Monday.com is better in the overall review when we compare Asana vs Monday.com as it has more features and is affordable.

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