Asana vs Smartsheet

September 10, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Asana is better

Asana is better than Smartsheet in three ways when we compare Asana vs Smartsheet. Asana allows you to work in real time whereby all the updates are visible as you make them meaning that everyone is on the same page at all the time. You can keep conversations connected to tasks hence teammates have all the information required and finally it allows you to collaborate with external partners in one place so everyone is synced.

Asana vs Smartsheet:  FEATURES

Asana is a program built for managing and communicating about task side-by-side. Asana is one of the most popular project management software with robust work management platform which serves your team members in order for them to remain focused on the goals, projects as well as daily tasks as your business grows. This software enables the user plan and structure work in his preference. You can set priorities and deadlines, share details as well as assign tasks in a centralized place.

In addition, users can follow the progress of the project in every stage and in so doing you know whether there is delay and why and amend the issue to keep the project moving.

Smartsheet is a web-based collaboration tool designed for project management, team task management, sales pipeline tracking requirements, crowdsourcing and much more. It is a business–focused tool that looks similar to a spreadsheet. Smartsheet has a strong use interface, allows the user to view and manipulate his data in many useful ways and its advanced features are easy to use.

With Smartsheet, the user can easily enter data into an easy to use interface and view it in several ways. The data entered can easily be structured in different ways and if you are managing a project for example, it can represent tasks and it could target sales or people as well. It has templates that can guide you through the process and you can decide to use your own creativity. Smartsheet is a very good tool for sharing files with your team members as it allows you to attach files to items or tasks. It has a file limit of 250MB for the paid account and the total space available to your team is much dependant on the plan you choose as well as the number of users. It ranges from 50GB per user when you use the basic plan to up too 250GB per user on the premier plan.

Bottom line: Asana is better.

Asana vs Smartsheet: WORK MANAGEMENT

Asana software is a solid, user-friendly project management tool with user friendly interface that helps the user manage his projects while keeping every member on board. The core workflow of Asana is mainly to build projects around tasks and subtasks whereby they are later arranged in sections and assigned to people and remain focused to the progress of the project. With Asana, you can transfer your work from Smartsheet, Excel or other tools to Asana via CSV importer to transition your team smoothly and effectively.

With Smartsheet, data on the sheets can represent several things including tasks in the project. Tasks for example can be assigned a start and end date and assigned to every team member. You can as well set up dependency management and observe the progress. You can then track each task with a status, completion percentage and comments to track the progress of the project.

Bottom line: the two tend to have similar work management, but Asana is better as updates are visible for everyone on the page to see.

Asana vs Smartsheet: COLLABORATION

With Asana, collaboration is made with external partners as the user can work with clients, agencies and teammates on projects in a centralized place which means everyone in the project remains in sync.

With Smartsheet, businesses are offered innovative ways to collaborate on projects and processes. It is a leading enterprise collaboration solution for companies and can be accessed from any browser and device. It has an ease of use spreadsheet which it effectively combines with visual timeline management, collaborative file sharing as well as discussions and work progress.

Bottom line: Smartsheet is better.

Asana vs Smartsheet: PRICING

In terms of pricing, Asana offers free plan for 1 user, Premium plan which goes at $9.99 per month for 1 user, business plan that goes for $19.99 per month for 1 user and enterprise plan which has custom pricing and user count.

Smartsheet pricing includes a free trial, individual plan that goes for $14 per user per month, business plan that costs $25 per user per month and the enterprise plan which you can contact vendor for pricing.

Bottom line: Asana is better.


Asana is a better project management program that has great features and better pricing plans when we compare Asana vs Smartsheet.