Ausdom M09 Review

March 3, 2020

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With the Ausdom M09 review we encounter a versatile Bluetooth headphone which features both a wireless and wired experience. It is designed with a microSD memory card slot whereby you can insert your microSD card and play your favourite selection. It has large 40mm driver units that provide high quality music production. It also has adjustable and foldable headband that makes it an easy headphone to carry and feels very comfortable when wearing it especially when excising.

Build and comfort

In this segment of Ausdom M09 review we can note that the headphone has advanced BT 4.2 technology which supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP and HFP which is easy for smooth music, movies, TV shows or hands-free calls. It has the BT-TF dual mode feature that enables you to easily switch from Bluetooth to TF card mode and you can play music by inserting the TF card. The Headphone is lightweight measuring about 172 grams that you can put on for a prolonged period.

The ear pads of the Ausdom M09 headphone are well cushioned so that you feel comfortable for prolonged use. The dimension of the whole ear cup is 3 x 2.75 inches while that of the inner ear cup measures 1.5 x 1.75 inches. The ear cups and the top part of the headphone are made of leather material that makes it more comfortable to wear.

In addition, it has an Adjustable Headband that securely fits to its position while you exercise. The whole box contains a Bluetooth headphone, 3.5mm audio cable, a charging cable and a user manual.


  • The headphone is small, foldable and lightweight to carry along.
  • Its plastic extender is designed with a metal band that makes it more durable especially when they are stretched.
  • The ear cups and top part of the headphone is made of leather material to make it more comfortable.
  • The ear cups are designed in a swivel form and the headphone itself has a soft matte finish.
  • It has large media buttons as well as 3.5 mm jack port for wired connection.
  • It is designed to eliminate outside noise so that you can listen to your music without any interference.


  • The matte finish on the headphone tends to leave fingerprints and smudges making it to look unattractive.
  • The media buttons placed on the headphones tend to make a loud click when pressed.
  • The voice sound loud when ending calls and can’t be turned down.

Voice controls

With the voice controls reviews of Ausdom M09 we note that the headphone has ear controls positioned on one ear. This is to conveniently adjust volume, select the next or previous tracks, make and receive calls and switching modes with the one-ear buttons. It also allows you to pause the tracking you are playing and then resume later.


The features of Ausdom M09 reviewed include a built-in microphone that enables you to have hands-free calling. The microphone offers a stable and clear calling platform where you can enjoy high-quality callings and media streaming with Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

This headphone is designed with a battery which is rechargeable and offers up to 2K hours of standby time, 8 hours of talk time or 8 hours of music playback for prolonged use.


The headphone has ɸ40mm large driver unit that brings in the essence of music as you enjoy the music. It provides high quality music production and comes with wired 3.4 mm audio cable and wireless connection. The Bluetooth A2DP Technology allows you to enjoy stereo audio from an array of Bluetooth enabled devices.

Noise cancelling

The ear pads of the Ausdom M09 headphone are well cushioned to provide comfort and excellent sound isolation in loud environments so that you can enjoy your selections without interference.


Wrapping up this review of Ausdom headphones, this is a good choice for Bluetooth headphones at an affordable price. It has a very simple and attractive design and the sound quality is as well up compared to others which are somehow overpriced. What stands out on this headphone is the ability to insert a microSD memory card that has your favourite music collection and enjoy the tracks on dual ɸ40 mm drivers.