Avast vs Avira

September 9, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Avast is better.

In this review, Avast is better when we compare Avast vs Avira because it has a better customer satisfaction according to Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is user-friendly as it is simpler and intuitive, is better in system performance and has comprehensive array of features part of its premium security suites.

Avast vs Avira: SECURITY

In terms of security, we have the following comparison of Avira vs Avast;

Avira Antivirus is Pro malware protection software that helps to detect and stop any threats to your system’s security as it detects threats efficiently without putting any lag to the computer. It works in the background when you are browsing, detects any threats, blocks them and display a warning message to warn you on the same. In so doing, you are warned against accessing websites that have malware hidden in them. In addition, it is helps you against phishing schemes that might be a threat to your identity as well as personal data, provides important and useful features like VPN, password manager and system vulnerability detection.

Avast Antivirus is a very popular AV option that offers both free and premium plans for best protection of your computer and servers against potential threats. Avast adds a browser certificate to give you protection while browsing ad can be installed on multiple devices.

Avast is capable of blocking any malware effectively and actively while providing your device with premium security. One feature that makes avast a better Antivirus over others is that its free plan has an array of amazing features that free users can feel secure of their system. One the feature is that it has a vulnerability scanner that detects any weak points in the software. Avast Software has the Gamer Mode feature whereby it detects automatically when you are playing games and turns to gamer mode and while in this mode, it delays all scans to avoid any lags for you to have a smooth gaming time.

Bottom line: Avira is slightly better.

Malwarebytes vs Avast: FEATURES

In terms of features we have the following review when we compare Avira antivirus vs Avast;

Avast Antivirus has advanced features and tools that include home network security for scanning router vulnerabilities, browser clean-up for scanning browser extensions and software updater that is useful in scanning outdated software within your system. Avast has a dark interface that is elegant and sophisticated having 4 tabs on the left-hand side from which the user can access all required settings. The interface is quite easy and simpler to use.

Avira on the other hand is an antivirus that is good in firewall management. It is not a built-in Firewall but rather provides front-end management for the default Windows Firewall. With Avira, there is no need to register or activate the product like avast. With Avira, you can remotely monitor all your devices, shop safely online without your transaction information being stolen, scan and update any software automatically in a secure manner.

Bottom line: Avast is better.

Malwarebytes vs Avast: COMPATIBILITY

Below is the compatibility features of Avast and Avira when compare;

Windows; both Avast and Avira are compatible with Windows.

Android; both Avast and Avira are compatible with Android.

Mac; both Avast and Avira are compatible with Mac.

IOS; Avira is compatible with iOS.

Bottom line: Avira is better as it is compatible on several platforms than Avast.

Malwarebytes vs Avast: PRICING

Avast Antivirus has several price plans that include avast Free which is free, Avast Pro Antivirus which goes at $49.99 per year, Avast Internet Security that goes at $59.99 per year, avast premier that goes for $69.99 and Avast ultimate that goes for $119.99 per year.

Avira Antivirus comes with various pricing plans that include Avira free security suite which is free for its users, Avira Antivirus Pro that goes for $44.99 a year, Avira internet security suite that goes for $57.99 every year and Avira Prime that goes for $99.99 per year.

Bottom line: Avast is better as it has a strong free protection plan and its pricing is better.


In this review, Avast is considered better as it has better features and its pricing is better.