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Avast vs Total AV

January 20, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Avast is a better choice than Total AV.

When we compare Total AV vs Avast in this review, Avast is a better option especially if you are looking for an antivirus protection. Avast has an average price and it is worth buying it considering that it offers protection from viruses, spyware, malware and phishing attacks. It also uses a secure sandbox environment to launch unwanted programmes so that it can identify unwanted infections. In addition, Avast has a webcam shield, password vault and secure Wi-Fi scanner.

Avast vs Total AV: SECURITY

Avast is a product that is known with its efficiency protection being almost 100%. Total AV on the other hand has had some merits in certain areas with quick scan showing two-thirds of the test malware while a deep scan revealing all of them. Another test identifies a 90% accuracy web shield extension that protects any user from websites infection.

Total AV has varied features that are essential in protecting you from several security issues that might arise. It has a full VPN, remote firewall, ad blocker and password manager. In addition, it has a PC clean up tool that evicts duplicate, out-of- date and junk files from your device.

When we look at Avast, it mainly focuses on anti-malware with a very considerable strong security. Test labs have proven that even the free version is highly rated and its protection ranges from viruses, malware, spyware, to phishing attacks. It also has a webcam shield, password vault and secure Wi-Fi scanner.

When it comes to security, we can compare Avast vs Total AV as follows;

Boot-time scan; Avast antivirus has Boot-time scan unlike Total AV.

Firewall; Avast has Firewall.

IDS; Avast has IDS.

Bottom line: Avast is a better antivirus when it comes to security as it has boot-time scan, firewall and IDS

Avast vs Total AV: KEY FEATURES

The key features of Total AV vs Avast can be compared as follows.

Email security; Avast has got email security.

Antispam; Avast has got antispam.

Macro protection; Avast has macro protection.

CloudAV; Avast has CloudAV.

In addition, the Avast antivirus company and that of Total AV have online customer care options of documentation, live chatting, email option and phone support. However, Total AV offer phone support on the Ultimate plan compared to all-round-the-clock service for the Avast.

Bottom line: Avast is better in terms of key features as it has email security, antispam, macro protection and CloudAV.


Avast and Total AV can be compared as below in terms of compatibility;

Compatible with Mac; Avast and Total AV are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with android; Total AV is compatible with android.

Compatible with IOS; Total AV is compatible with IOS.

Compatible with PC; both Avast and Total AV are compatible with PC

Bottom line: Total AV is better in terms of compatibility as it is compatible with most of the devices available.

Avast vs Total AV: PRICING

In terms of pricing, Avast and Total AV have got the following comparisons;

Avast have four categories of pricing, the free tier, Internet security, Premier and Ultimate. Internet Security is so far the best that is capable of protecting against phishing sites, Ransomware shield that protects your files from encryption, firewall to protect any intrusion attempts and an anti-spam feature as well.

Total on the other hand has a free plan and three other paid package plans that comprises of Total AV essential which is the cheapest and has advanced ransomware protection, real-time protection against all types of malware as well as remote access to your firewall.

The second package is the Total AV Pro that has a password manager and antivirus eBook and lastly the Total AV Ultimate which is the top tier that has smartphone optimizer and 24/7 priority customer support.

Starting price; Avast has a starting price of $47.99 which is an average pricing.

Money back Guarantee; Avast and Total AV have their money back guarantee available anytime.

Free trial; Avast has got a free trial.

Bottom line: Avast is a better antivirus as it has an average pricing and a free trial.


If you are looking for protection for your device then Avast is the better antivirus you can have. However, if your aim is based on full security suite for all kind of cyber-attacks, then you will opt for Total AV.

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