Avast vs Vipre

Avast vs Vipre

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Avast is a better antivirus.

In this review of Avast vs Vipre, we choose Avast as it has the highest overall score in most of the features. It offers both free and paid antivirus protection and the most amazing features that make it outshine most of its competitors is that it has free passwords manager as well as well as extra add-ons. Avast is amongst the securest, most attractive and flexible antivirus available in the market with its highest quality security dwelt mostly in malware detection.

Avast has a strong and reliable protection from a couple of malware, home network scanning feature, mobile security feature, has the Do Not Disturb mode that allows suspending notifications during gaming, it is lightweight hence can’t slow down a PC noticeably and its premium versions can be afforded.

Avast vs Vipre: SECURITY

When we compare Vipre vs Avast in terms of security, Avast has been tested and found that it can detect and eliminate 99% of threats and has a 6 out 6 score level of protection it can give to your device. In addition, in the MRG-Effitas’ banking Trojans test, Avast got the level 2 certification for malware protection capabilities.

Avast is a perfect tool that protects your device against potential Malware threats as it has 6 layers protection that detects and stops harmful programs from running in within few seconds. It is also capable of protecting your device from ransomware threats which when your device is infected with might encrypt your files. Phishing is another threat that Avast can protect you from potential hackers.

Vipre on the other hand has an average performance and it falls behind the strongest competitors like Avast. Vipre is able to fend off the latest attacks as well and can protect your device from major threats that might be encountered. According to AV-Comparatives’ Real World Protection test, Vipre was able to stop over 99% of malware. This is so because it has the Edge protection that protects your device from acquiring malware which means you won’t require an extension.

Vipre has Ransomware detection and is able to defend your device from such threats by blocking this malware. In addition, it has phishing detection which protects your device from potential hackers from accessing and stealing your private data from your device. Vipre has firewall that detects any security threat that might arise from the internet including emails in your inbox whereby it sending copies of phishing emails to quarantine.

Below are comparison security features of Avast and Vipre;

Real-time antivirus; both Avast and Vipre have real-time antivirus.

Manual virus scanning; Avast and Vipre have manual virus scanning.

USB virus scan; Avast and Vipre have USB virus scan.

Registry start-up scan; Avast and viper have registry start-up scan.

Auto virus scanning; Avast and Vipre have auto virus scanning.

Scheduled scan; Avast and Vipre have scheduled scan.

Adware prevention; Avast has Adware prevention.

Email protection; Avast and Vipre have email protection.

Safe browser; Avast has safe browser.

Chat/IM protection; Vipre has Chat/IM protection.

Bottom line: Avast is a better antivirus in terms of security as it has Adware prevention and safe browser.

Avast vs Vipre: KEY FEATURES

Avast and Vipre have the following features when we compare them;

Anti-spyware; Avast and Vipre have Anti-Spyware.

Anti-Worm; both Avast and Vipre have Anti-Worm.

Anti-Trojan; both Avast and Vipre have Anti-Trojan.

Anti-Rootkit; Avast and Vipre have Anti-Rootkit.

Anti-Phishing; Avast and Vipre have Anti-Phishing.

Anti-Spam; Avast and Vipre have Anti-Spam.

Email protection; Avast and Vipre have email protection.

Ease of use; Avast has 4/5 whereas Vipre has 5/5.

Game mode; Avast has game mode.

VPN service; Avast has VPN service.

Smartphone optimizer; Avast has smartphone optimizer.

Phone support; Avast and Vipre have phone support.

Email support; Avast and Vipre have email support.

Ticket support; both Avast and Vipre have ticket support.

Bottom line: Avast is a better antivirus than Vipre in terms of key features as it has game mode, VPN service and smartphone optimizer.


The compatibility features of Avast and Vipre include the following comparisons;

Compatible with Windows; both Avast and Vipre are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; the two devices are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with IOS; Vipre alone is compatible with IOS.

Compatible with android; Avast and Vipre are compatible with android.

Bottom line: Vipre is better in terms of compatibility as it is compatible with IOS

Avast vs Vipre: PRICING

The pricing features of Vipre and Avast include the following;

Starting price; Avast has $47.99 while Vipre has $23.99.

Discount available; both Avast and Vipre have 20% discounts.

Money back Guarantee; Avast has a money back guarantee of 30 days whereas Vipre has 15 days.

Bottom line: Avast is better as it has a 30 days money back Guarantee.


Avast is a better antivirus in this review of Vipre Antivirus vs Avast, as it gives you maximum protection for your device.

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