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Avast VS. Zone Alarm
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February 13, 2020

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Avast is better.

Avast and Zone Alarm are ranked top security wise but Avast is better when we compare Avast vs Zone Alarm as it offers comprehensive security and has a wide range of price plans you can choose from depending on your budget. Avast has boot-time scan, IDS, free trial and is cheaper than Zone Alarm.

Avast vs Zone Alarm: SECURITY

When we compare Zone Alarm vs Avast, we can note that the two products have top reviews. Avast and Zone Alarm have anti-ransomware and anti-phishing features. They also use sandboxing whose main function is to launch suspicious programs in secure manner. Zone Alarm on its side depends on frequently updated signature-based system, whereas Avast has its focus on noticing suspicious behaviours.

In addition, Zone Alarm is; programmed to use browser extension to deal with the phishing threats, has a 5GB provision space online for backup purposes. It also has a ‘Find My laptop feature which is helpful in recovering your device in case it is stolen. Avast on the other hand has a Wi-Fi protection on all network platforms including public networks. Avast also offers a password vault and computer tune-up capable of identifying unwanted CPU usage.

Below is a breakdown of security features of Avast vs Zone Alarm;

Boot-Time scan; Avast has boot-time scan.

Firewall; both Avast and Zone Alarm have firewall.

IDS; Avast has IDS.

Bottom line: Avast is better than Zone Alarm as it has boot-time scan and IDS.

Avast vs Zone Alarm: KEY FEATURES

For free users’ platform, Avast is ideal to protect your device especially if you are an ordinary home device user. The premium platforms on the other hand have ideal array of features and suits you best especially when you are running a number of devices be it company, media or even your device might be target by any form unwanted threat. Avast has Boot-time scan, full virus scan and a full-featured Wi-Fi scanner that can protect your device while as a home user and other users.

Zone Alarm has anti-phishing Chrome Extension which protects your data from potential hackers. The extension builds on the enhanced browser protection feature which scans URLs and stops you from accessing sites that are a threat to your personal data. It also has anti-keylogger feature that detects and prevents keyloggers from operating on your device. It has DefenceNetTM that works in collaboration with programs’ ability to identify definitions straight away from the cloud within seconds to protect your device from boot-up shutdown.

Avast and Zone Alarm are easy to use products. Below is a wrap up feature comparisons of Zone Alarm vs Avast;

Email security; Avast and Zone Alarm have email security.

Anti-spam; both Avast and Zone Alarm have Anti-spam.

Macro Protection; both Zone Alarm and Avast have Macro Protection.

CloudAV; both Avast and Zone Alarm have CloudAV.

Ticket support; Avast and Zone Alarm have Ticket support.

Live help; Zone Alarm has live help.

Phone support; both Zone Alarm and Avast have phone support.

Smartphone optimizer; Avast has smartphone optimizer.

Game mode; Avast has game mode feature.

Bottom line: Avast is better than Zone Alarm in terms of key features.

Avast vs Zone Alarm: COMPATIBILITY

The compatibility features of Avast and Zone Alarm in this review can be compared as follows;

Compatible with PC; both Zone Alarm and Avast are compatible with PC.

Compatible with android; Avast alone is compatible with android.

Compatible with Mac; Avast is compatible with Mac.

Bottom line: Avast is better than Zone Alarm in terms of compatibility as it is compatible with android and Mac.

Avast vs Zone Alarm: PRICING

Pricing is such an instrument when you want to determine which antivirus suits your budget. When we compare Avast and Zone Alarm, we have the following;

Starting price; Avast has $47.99 while Zone Alarm has $59.95.

Money back Guarantee; Avast and Zone Alarm have money back guarantee at any time.

Discount available; Avast has a 20% discount available

Free trial; Avast has a free trial.

Bottom line: Avast is better than Zone Alarm as it has a discount and free trial.


In this review of Avast vs Zone Alarm, Avast is a better antivirus than Zone Alarm.

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