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Avira vs ESET

September 12, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

When we compare Avira Vs ESET, Avira is better because it is good in keeping your data and PC safe from potential hackers even when you don’t have time to customize your settings. It can protect you while online and offline as it has real time defences that protect you from any possible threats ant any time and malware. It automatically takes care of any malware detected even without doing a scan.


In this review of Avira and ESET we find that Avira is better in protecting your data and PC. It is easy to use and you can customize how you want the program to do the scans. As earlier stated, Avira does an automatic malware removal even that which might be hiding on your PC. It is also able to protect your files from unwanted apps and ransomware. The downside of this antivirus is that it does not have its own firewall that detects and prevents malware from reaching your PC.

ESET on the other hand is known to be innovative on its own and has low-maintenance antivirus that operates without interfering with your work. It has an idle scan that doesn’t slow down your system as it waits until your PC is in a sleep mode. The smart security premium of ESET is a perfect antivirus that provides a couple of quality security features for the safety of your data and PC. The smart security premium provides independent proven antivirus protection, top-grade internet security tools like phishing protection that is capable of protecting your PC privacy from potential hackers.

The security features of ESET and Avira include the following;

Boot-time scan; Avira and ESET have Boot-time scan.

Firewall; ESET alone has firewall.

IDS; ESET alone has IDS

IPS; ESET alone has IPS.

Webcam protection; ESET has Webcam protection

Antispyware; Avira has antispyware

Bottom Line security
ESET is better as it has better security features than Avira.


Avira is well known for protecting your device both online and offline because of the antivirus tool. It also has an automatic malware removal as it is able to detect any form of malware threat even when you are not running the scan and also delete threatening files with your notice. It again good in dealing with unnecessary apps ransomware away from your device hence you remain safe from potential hackers. In addition, apart from blocking phishing attempts, you are guaranteed protection when you are doing online transaction or maybe checking your financial details online.

ESET on the other hand comes in different premiums with a smart security premium is inclusive of great programs that are helpful in keeping your system clean and safe.

The following are breakdown of the security features of the two products.

Email security; both Avira and ESET have email security.

Antispam; both Avira and ESET have antispam.

Macro protection; both Avira and ESET have macro protection

CloudAV; both Avira and ESET have CloudAV.

Game mode; ESET has game mode

Firewall; ESET has firewall

Antispam; ESET has antispam.

Parental control; ESET has parental control

Bottom Line features
ESET is a better antivirus as it has better features than Avira.


Compatible with Windows; both Avira and ESET are compatible with Windows.

Bottom Line compatibility
both Avira and ESET are the same in terms of compatibility.


Pricing is an essential element in deciding which antivirus between ESET and Avira suits your budget. There are also few things points you might look at in terms of pricing and these include;

Starting price; Avira has starting price of $30.95 whereas ESET has $26.00

Money back guarantee; both Avira and ESET have anytime money guarantee.

Free trial; ESET has free trial.

Bottom Line pricing
ESET is a better antivirus than Avira.

ESET is an antivirus that best works when you are dealing with heavy tasks like streaming, video or music editing or maybe gaming as it is a low-impact antivirus but when you are dealing with cybersecurity, then Avira is the best as it has additional features to deal with potential threats that might harm your PC or data and in this case, Avira is better.

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