Avira vs Malwarebytes

September 10, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Malwarebytes is better.

The reason why Malwarebytes is better than Avira when we compare Avira vs Malwarebytes is that in 2014 AV-TEST tested 7 different cleaning tools (together with 10 antivirus solutions), Malwarebytes was the only software that was capable of completely removing as well as restoring the system hence a good software in removing malware from infected devices.

Avira vs Malwarebytes: SECURITY

Avira is a tool that is capable of detecting and blocking malware in real-time without dragging the system’s performance. It is Pro malware protection software that helps to detect and stop any threats to your system’s security as it detects threats efficiently without putting any lag to the computer. It works in the background when you are browsing, detects any threats, blocks them and display a warning message to warn you on the same. In so doing, you are warned against accessing websites that have malware hidden in them. In addition, it is helps you against phishing schemes that might be a threat to your identity as well as personal data, provides important and useful features like VPN, password manager and system vulnerability detection.

Malwarebytes is a program that works well in tandem with its counterparts for the purpose of adding powerful anti-exploit and anti-ransomware monitoring potential. Its main focus is protection of your system against ransomware, malware, threats and infected sites with the capacity of removing stubborn adware as well as toolbars which other security programs cannot detect and remove. In addition, Malwarebytes has the real-time protection feature which is a powerful feature which stops threats from infecting your system and also generates an image and sound-based alert that makes it more attractive to the user. Furthermore, the program has the anti-exploit tool that monitors for any infections that enter your device via software defects other than malware.

Bottom line: Malwarebytes is better.

Avira vs Malwarebytes: FEATURES

Avira is an antivirus engine that can detect and block malware in real time. It provides mobile and desktop antivirus products for every level of business and home users. Avira on the other hand is an antivirus that is good in firewall management. It is not a built-in Firewall but rather provides front-end management for the default Windows Firewall. With Avira, there is no need to register or activate the product. With Avira, you can remotely monitor all your devices, shop safely online without your transaction information being stolen, scan and update any software automatically in a secure manner.

Malwarebytes on the other hand is a program well below average impact on the system that provides four different layers of defence to handle virus detection in your device’s system, protection and removal of all viruses in real-time. Its main features include asset management that deploys solutions, tracks, manages and monitors endpoints, shields vulnerable systems from both new and unknown viruses, warning you in case there is infection in a website, server and ad network, stops ransomware and malware infections, shields your system from both new and unknown viruses and discovers all networked endpoints.

Bottom line: Malwarebytes is better.

Avira vs Malwarebytes: COMPATIBILITY

Windows; both Avira and Malwarebytes are compatible with Windows

Mac; both Avira and Malwarebytes are compatible with Mac

IOS; Avira is compatible with iOS

Android; both Avira and Malwarebytes is compatible with Android.

Bottom line: Avira is better.

Avira vs Malwarebytes: PRICING

Avira offers a free plan with couple of amazing features like secure search engine, essential antivirus protection, VPN (1GB/month), Tune-Up utilities, password manager, manual software updates, personal privacy assistant and browser tracking blocker. The premium plan include the Prime that costs $9.37 for one user per month and it has the automatic software updates, full version of tune-up tools, VPN (unlimited surfing), premium antivirus protection, all Avira’s premium mobile apps and VIP customer support.

Malwarebytes has 3 pricing plans that include Malwarebytes premium that goes for $3.33 per month billed annually, Malwarebytes premium for home plan that goes for $5.00 per month billed annually and $10.00 per month billed annually.

Bottom line: Avira is better


Malwarebytes is a better software in this review when we compare Malwarebytes vs Avira because it is a good tool that completely removes all the malware and restoring your system.