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Avira Vs TotalAV

January 18, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Total AV is a better antivirus.

Avira and TotalAV are top notch security solutions that offer security to your devices with Avira being cheap while TotalAV having more features, and this gives TotalAV the lead as a better product than Avira. TotalAV and Avira are at par in virus detection of all manner of infections.

Avira Vs TotalAV: SECURITY

TotalAV has extra features as compared to Avira that include a remote firewall that can customize even when out of computer, a VPN that keeps you safe while using public Wi-Fi as well as a password manager and Adblock to keep you secure when you are online. In addition, you enjoy a web shield extension and TotalAV has a PC optimizer and disk cleaner that deals with unnecessary or outdated files.

Although Avira lacks these extra features, it is tailored to optimize the protection your device has. Although it doesn’t have firewall, the app works hard to upgrade the in-built Windows version. The antivirus notifies you when to update the software and it useful when you are doing online transactions. It has also a PC tune-up feature that helps optimize your computer’s speed. The Avira tools have testing scores in terms of protection against malware. It is capable of protecting all malware attacks detected; in fact, it automatically removes any malware it detects even when you are not running any scan. Below is a summary of the two products;

Real time antivirus; TotalAV has real time antivirus

Manual virus scanning; Avira and TotalAV have manual virus scanning

USB virus scan; TotalAV has USB virus scan.

Registry start-scan; TotalAV has registry start-up.

Auto virus scanning; TotalAV has auto virus scanning.

Scheduled scan; TotalAV has scheduled scan.

Chat/IM protection; TotalAV has chat/IM protection.

Personal firewall; TotalAV has firewall.

Boot-time scan; Avira has boot time scan.

Bottom line: TotalAV is better in terms of security as it has better security features.

Avira Vs TotalAV: FEATURES

The features of Avira and TotalAV vary; TotalAV is user friendly and has a couple of quality features that can help protect your PC and data. TotalAV is able to defend you from threats like malware, viruses, Trojans and clickjacking and the good part of all this is that it runs smoothly in the background giving you a humble time to deal with other tasks on your PC. In addition, TotalAV is known to check for threats with your PC’s performance speed and assist it to operate in the required manner and faster.

Avira is a good antivirus in terms of safety and confidentiality and it can support more than one device. Avira price comparison and its competitors, Avira has reasonable pricing. It has relatively low prices for the packages they offer and it is easy to use. In addition, Avira works well in defending your PC against malware than other free antivirus software. The other amazing feature about this antivirus is that it has protection cloud technology which is known to scan suspicious files in real time, Avira parental control that can control how your kids use the internet and Avira spyware. Below is a breakdown of Avira and TotalAV features;

Email security; Avira has email security.

Antispam; Avira has antispam.

Macro protection; Avira has macro protection.

CloudAV; Avira has CloudAV.

Parental control; Avira alone has parental control

Anti-spyware; both TotalAV and Avira have anti-spyware

Bottom line: Avira is better than TotalAV in terms of features.


Compatible with Windows; the two products are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; the two products are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with IOS; Avira and TotalAV are compatible with IOS

Compatible with android; Avira and TotalAV are compatible with android.

Bottom line: Avira and TotalAV are similar in terms of compatibility.

Avira Vs TotalAV: PRICING

Starting price; TotalAV has $19.95 whereas Avira has $44.99

Discount available; TotalAV has 78% whereas Avira has 25%

Money back Guarantee; both TotalAV and Avira have 30 days.

Bottom line: TotalAV is better as it is cheaper and has a higher percentage discount.


In this review, TotalAV is better because it has more superior features than Avira.

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