Basecamp vs Jira

Basecamp vs Jira

September 12, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Jira is better.

In this comparison of Basecamp vs Jira, Basecamp is better as you can invite external and internal groups to Basecamp project, works well if you are working on a project with a team of three or more people, is a platform of good communication and project discussion and you can assign task to team members within the team and keep track of the progress of the task.

Basecamp vs Jira: FEATURES

Basecamp has an intuitive and easy to use interface that a new user can run within minutes and it is cloud-based and provided as a service. It also doesn’t require maintenance or updates like other programs and you have 24/7 access to technical assistance while making your way through the program. You are made a member of a large user community with a live Q&A base whereby all your questions can be answered within few minutes.

With Basecamp, you can organize all tasks into to-do lists having due ranges and dates as well as assigned employees to do away with confusion. It is a program where team members can share ideas, proposals or organize reference conversations as well as make sure all team members are on the same page.

JIRA uses a hybrid Scrumban approach which is basically a combination of Scrum and Kanban do adapt to every user scenario. All your workflows, fields, states and issue types have the defaults which the user can change to his/her preference. JIRA deals predominantly with agile project management with the use of Scrumban to capture data as well as regulatory evidence at every stage of the process. It also unites all historic data in a single, searchable hub as well as providing access to it at any time. This helps team members in the project to carry out all rend of analysis as well as statistical investigations while making final overall report of the progress of the tasks at hand.

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Basecamp vs Jira: WORK MANAGEMENT

Basecamp is a program that makes collaboration and project management simple and productive as it has a range of robust tools that include to-do-lists, time tracking, milestone management, live massaging, and web-based text documents. It is a cloud-based program as well as available on mobile form for both Android and iOS. It is an easy to use tool that allows users to organize team members, delegate tasks as well as monitor progress with a lot of ease. It has a very flexible pricing scheme where no company will charge per user with all its clients having access to the same features. It is one of the best integrated project management systems that allow you to automatically connect to headquarters, FreeAgent, Everest, enRoute, Cyfe, Daypack, Dashable, Feed, Numerics, Zapier, and DashStack amongst other business apps.

Jira on the other hand is project management software that is designed to help organizations capture, assign and set priorities to their work. Its users can manage the whole process of application development from its creation to the launch. It has a simple and intuitive interface that enables collaboration with team members in the project and allows them to get the job done in the required manner. With JIRA, members can plan, track and release developed software. Users of JIRA can create user stories and issues, plan sprints as well assign tasks to the rest of the team members. In addition, JIRA has real-time, visual data reports to boost team performance.

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Basecamp vs Jira: COLLABORATION

Basecamp has a text editor whereby every member in the project can collaborate on the document that is written in the text editor segment. The action isn’t in real-time, however there’s version control and comments whereby you will be updated when to work on the document. In addition, users can copy documents to other segments as well as duplicate them across projects which are a bit cumbersome. Basecamp offers a platform of tools where team members can communicate and collaborate around tasks as well as ideas like message boards, campfire chat and check-in.

JIRA provides a platform whereby members can share an issue instead of copying a link and send it to another member using another application. It also consists of built-in reports where members stay up-to-date on projects and progress of the same. In addition, JIRA consists of monitoring Activity Streams and Dashboards which provide up-to-date information about everything happening in the project.

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Basecamp vs Jira: PRICING

Basecamp pricing is simple and very attractive which is $99 per month that includes unlimited users with all features included and 500GB storage space. In addition, it offers free 30-day trial period.

Basecamp pricing is simple and very attractive which is $99 per month that includes unlimited users with all features included and 500GB storage space. In addition, it offers free 30-day trial period.

JIRA pricing include $10 per month for projects, $20 per month for development and $20 per month for service desk

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.


Basecamp is better in this review as it offers an array of features that are essential for any project management.

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