Basecamp vs Microsoft Project

February 7, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Basecamp is a better tool in this review of Basecamp vs Microsoft Project because it has more features than Microsoft Project. It also helps track progress of your project, communicate effectively and share files.

Basecamp vs Microsoft Project: FEATURES

Basecamp is a cloud-based solution and also available in mobile form for Android and iOS that is aimed at keeping collaboration and project management as simple as possible. It has an array of useful tools like the to-do-lists, file sharing, web-based text documents, time tracking, milestone management and live messaging system.

The to-do-lists allow you to add lists and assign people in your team to be responsible of other people. It also allow users to organize all tasks with due ranges and dates. You can prioritize and reorder tasks and customize the system to work up to your needs. In addition, you can use Basecamp as your documents and files manager where you can store, tag, link, share or comment on your information using the drag-and-drop mechanism.

Microsoft Project is a project management solution designed to suit enterprises of all sizes. It has project scheduling that allows project managers to define project tasks, assign them to team members and track the progress of the tasks assigned. It has the project budgeting that is essential for managers to estimate the costs required for the project to start until the completion. Alternatively, Managers can do the “Earned Value Analytics” to estimate the cost performance of their projects.

In addition, Microsoft Project has in-built templates, scheduling tools and allows access across devices which increase productivity for project managers. The interactive dashboards and reporting functionalities are also features of this solution. Managers are also capable of preparing insightful reports and make decisions about project execution as well as staffing levels. The Gantt charts help minimize training time and make the project planning process a lot easier.

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Basecamp vs Microsoft Project: WORK MANAGEMENT

Basecamp has six core tools for every project which include to-do lists that tracks tasks, message board for announcements and updates purpose, campfire chat tool for users to discuss a given item in the project, schedule tool used top track milestones and as well as deadlines, the docs and files tool that help users to access files required and then lastly the automatic check-ins feature which its work is to automatically ask users for status update on a daily, weekly or on a frequent basis set by the manager.

Microsoft Project offers its users with both cloud-based and on-premise options. It has integrated planning tools that helps you organize and track your projects, including everyday tasks and the entire project. It can be delivered online via Office 365 with the project online professional edition.

Microsoft Project is comprised of three main modules that include: Project management, Portfolio management and resource management. Project comprises of in-built templates, standard scheduling tools and can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. The portfolio management module helps the user prioritize tasks and projects. Resource management gives you full visibility on the user’s shared resources and teams are able to enter updates anywhere for real-time data.

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Basecamp vs Microsoft Project: COLLABORATION

Basecamp has message boards that allow users to post alerts, questions and other kind of messages to everyone in the project. You can notify every member about the message to make sure they see it immediately or share it outside of Basecamp via a public

Microsoft Project is suitable on both on-premise and in the cloud. The web-based version allows project managers to collaborate with team members remotely through smartphones and mobile devices. It allows members to add new assignments to individuals and teams or reassessing what the project is comprised of.

Bottom line: both programs have the same collaboration features.

Basecamp vs Microsoft Project: PRICING

Basecamp has a simple and very attractive pricing which is $99 per month that includes unlimited users with all features included and 500GB storage space. In addition, it offers free 30-day trial period.

Microsoft Project has several pricing plans with a free trial. They are as follows;

Project online essentials- $7 per user per month

Project online – $30 per user per month

Project online premium – $55 per user per month

Project standard – $589.99

Project professional – $1159.99

Project server – by quote

Project pro for office 365 – $25.00 user per month

Project online – $33.00 per user per month and you can contact the vendor for the project server plan.

Bottom line: Microsoft Project has a better pricing plan.


In this review, Basecamp is better than Microsoft Project because it is better in project and task management and has other great features.

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