Best Construction Project Management Software in 2020

March 31, 2020

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Construction Project Management (CPM) basically refers to a professional service that adopts the use of specialized project management techniques with a purpose of supervising the planning, design as well as the construction of a project from its initiation time up to the end.

A Construction Project Management Software is designed with an aim to specify project goals and plans. This might include budgeting, scheduling, setting performance needs, delineation of scope as well as choosing a project team while utilizing the available resources. It also allows the implementation of several operations by means of organized and manageable planning, estimation, design, contracting and construction. Effective communication is also important in the entire process.

Construction Project Management Software

Project Management Construction Software is a project management tool designed specifically for construction professionals. Project Management construction Software is a project management that is instrumental in several processes in a Company. This may include decision-making, budgeting, communication, scheduling and many more with the aim of simplifying construction business processes through automation.

The main purpose of Construction Project Management Software is to help Project Managers (PM) monitor the entire cost control system. This is focused on achieving estimated profit on projects and monitor as well as predict expected outcome.

The organisation benefit a lot from this because it streamlines processes that used to be or are done manually and many construction Companies have implemented the use of this platform.

What features should you look for in Construction Project Management Software?

The construction sector has richly benefited from the implementation of best construction Project Management Software. The productivity, efficiency as well as competence of an organization has also improved. Construction Project Management Software has essentially taken over the responsibilities previously held by design engineers, project managers as well as architects. Below is a list of key features one should look for in Construction Project Management Software:

Accounting: Accounting is an important function in any project as it helps monitor cost and expenditure. It is an important tool that Project Managers deploy when dealing with several projects at the same time. Accounting should be able to automate processes which include accounts receivable, payable and payroll and much more. In addition, it should be one which integrates with most business accounting tools.

Job costing: The best Construction Project Management Software is one which is one which is can set standard rates for any project, defining and estimate costs as well as monitor time usage. A Company will also benefit if it is capable of managing project schedules and increase the outcome.

Service Management: This is another essential element of Project Management Software for Construction as it helps Project Managers to manage and assign allocate assets and resources and book jobs, dispatch work orders and make schedules.

Project Management: This is the ability to automate the whole process and detail of Construction Project Management which might include planning for resources, tracking the progress of the entire project as well as integration of potential clients. It should also be able to automate resource management on several projects as well as update on project schedule.

Job scheduling: With job scheduling, the Project Manager is able to schedule project tasks and allocate work force or equipment across several projects. It also helps the Managers to assign the workload equally to the team members and make changes if necessary. The program should be able to set project timelines and equal distribution of workforce and resources.

Document Management: The best Construction Management Software should be able to manage project documents. Adopting such program helps users create workflow data reports with just a single tool for the purpose of workflow process, improved output and security purposes. Most importantly, it should be able to integrate with several similar business productivity tools.

Reporting: The software should be able to promote decision making as well as create data reports via implementation of project analytics report. It offers a platform where Managers take charge of the entire project data. Additionally, it makes it easy for Project Managers to evaluate project status and ability to identify potential risks as it is able to give real time, accurate data reports as well as transfer them to third-party program.

Inventory Management: This feature is also essential as it helps the Manager to make quick inventories, do away with write-offs, track lost inventory quickly as well as monitor on site assets. The managers also feel it easy to allocate equipment and resources.

Equipment Management: This allows the Project Manager allocate equipment across several projects, note equipment that require maintenance. Furthermore, it allows the manager to schedule maintenance, aid performance while increasing efficiency.

Mobile Capabilities: A good Construction Project Management Software is one that is compatible with both desktop and mobile. This is possible by the use of cloud technology which makes it flexible for the user to access the progress of the project when in office and on site. It makes it easy to note any stagnant tasks and find out way to fix it immediately.

Best Construction Project Management Software in 2019


GanttPRO is basically Gantt chart software designed for efficient project management as it allows the user to divide projects into manageable groups called tasks and further subtasks. The tasks can then be organized and scheduled with durations and dependencies set between. It essentially helps set the required estimates to manage resources as required.

It features the online project planning tool that has Gantt charts, team management and resource management software. With GanttPRO, the user can work independently or create a workplace for the entire team members of your project.

It has a free trial with an individual plan costing $15 per month. Team of 5 users’ costs $7.90 per user per month, team of 10 users goes for $6.90 per user per month, team of 15 users is priced at $5.90 per user per month and the enterprise plan will require you to contact the vendor for quotation.

GanttPRO is better because it helps users become more efficient and productive in managing their projects from the time it is initiated to the delivery time.


Procore is a program that provides a centralized hub where users can connect team members, devices and applications seamlessly. The unified platform allows you to visualize critical information and empower required operations.

It is a collaborative tool that allows access to unlimited users at the same cost. The user can bring the whole team members on board as well as third-party consultants and subcontractors. The Android and iOS apps help in passing information to the team members with and without internet for them to stay on course with current proceeding.

The open API platform allows integration with other systems like scheduling software, accounting software, storage software and much more. It has the dashboard that allows the user to see status of important items on a given project, visualise which problems require your attention.

The project Directory helps you keep contact data for project team members and vendors while giving access to manage data. The Sage 300 CRE Connector on the other hand helps streamline project management and accounting.

Procore offers a quote-based plan which you can contact the vendor for quotation. It is one of the best Project Management Software for construction because it provides access to unlimited users at the same cost.

Bim 360

BIM 360 is a program that helps users improve construction project delivery by aiding informed decision-making from the initiation of the project to the end. It is a collaborative tool that connects team members, data and workflows within the project for a better process and productivity. The key features include change orders, commercial, contract management, contractors, equipment tracking, incident reporting, RFI and submittals, residential and subcontractor Management.

The construction project management software pricing for Autodesk BIM 360 has not been provided but you can contact Autodesk BIM 360 to get current pricing. It is a preferred project management as it centralises all project data into a common data platform.


Trigger is an online project management and time tracking program suitable for agencies and consultancies who desire to use a single platform their projects. This program has a built-in time tracking function that enable team members to log in time against their responsive tasks. It allows them to log it in real-time or after to help the manager track task completion and time taken. It has Kanban Board view, scheduling, analysis, mobile apps and much more.

Trigger offers a 30-day free trial as a start-up plan of $12 per month which is the standard plan and $15 per month as a premium plan. It is amongst the best construction project management software construction as it has a built-in time tracking feature that helps the manager track the process of the project against time.


This is an award winning construction management solution designed for home builders and remodelers. It comprises of project management, customer management and service management and can be accessed anywhere as it is a web-based program. It has features like scheduling, budgeting and time sheets as part of construction tools, change order and selection management as customer related tools.

This product has no pricing information yet but you can contact the vendor for more pricing information. It is a better program as it combines project scheduling, service management, project management and customer management together.

What are the benefits of Using Construction Project Management Software?

Financial visibility

This helps the project manager to budget and control cost by calculating the cost of the project in relationship to estimations provided. You can integrate this with accounting as well as job costing programs for effective financial insights.


This feature helps eliminate blame games in case there is an issue in the project as all documentation of what is progressing in the project is handled. This in return reduces liability while encouraging team members for a smooth process and better outcome.


Communication is important in any project and some construction management software has mobile apps that the manager can use at any point. This helps him know what is going on in a project at any given time.

What are some of the drawbacks that you can encounter?

  • Many Companies have not adopted it as it is new
  • It requires if not little, more learning using it effectively.
  • If proper data is not entered correctly into the software the user will be misguided.

Better results can be obtained if users integrate construction project management software with job costing system.

What should you look for when buying Construction Project Management Software?

Construction project management software are categorized into two: Cloud-based (web-based) and on-premises. Cloud-based (web-based) can be accessed anytime, anywhere through any device with a web browser and internet connection. On-premise on the other hand provides more control as it is installed on your server and computers.

Below is what can guide you in determining the type of software to buy:


The cost of what you are buying is important. You will have to determine the number of users, size of your business, features, implementation, contract terms and customer support.


The features also play important role in deciding the type of Construction Project Management Software to choose. This is determined with the type of construction Company you are running. Choose a program that has features which relates to the kind of projects you are running.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right construction project management software is what drives you as a user to initiate projects which are cost-effective and high productivity from the beginning of the project to the end. By considering all the thoughts discussed above it is quite clear that you will choose better construction project software for construction.