Best Project Management Software and Tools 2020

March 31, 2020

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Project Management Software and Tools have come a long way in the implementation and management of projects and tasks. And they are important for any user who wishes to adopt this method of task and project management.

Project Management Software and Tools

Project Management Software simply refers to a platform that helps Companies in budget management, communication, decision-making and job scheduling. Project Management Tools on the other hand are what helps the user to effectively organize work and manage projects and tasks for increased productivity. The two work hand in hand for better performance.

What Features should you look for in Best Project Management Software and Tools?

You would not wish to make a mistake when choosing the right project management tools and software for your Company. The best project management software and tools should be able to accommodate a couple of several useful features. Below is a few of basic features that can be found;

Risk Management

You would not allow your project to be at risk of not being progressive and productive. Most projects face the challenge of being at risk of not proceeding to the next stage and to counter the managers have to adopt project management software and tools that have risk management feature. This helps him to identify and manage risks in the project.

Resource Management

This is basically a process shows the kind of resources needed and the time it is needed. The best system is one that carries resource management tool in it for the manager to account for the costs incurred and calculate total expenditures for equal distribution of resources and tasks.

Dependencies, Milestones and Critical Path

A good system is that which is able to define the development stages of your project and providing task dependencies. It should also be able to set milestones as a way of marking points in your project. This ensures that the project conforms to the set procedures and goals. The Gantt charts are the best tools to help you achieve this.

Ease of use

This is another basic feature a manager should look for in project management software. A tool that is easy to use saves you a lot of time and energy. It should also be able to be accessed easily by all members on most devices and should be simple in design with a drag-and-drop interface as well as easy to maintain.

Third-party integration

It should be a system that is easily integrated to other apps so that members can easily take and share data. This helps your project to have more expertise and better results. It should one which can be compatible to options like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box just to mention but a few.

Agile workflow2 system

This is a tool that keeps work in progress for transparency, agility and flexibility for better productivity.


Boards in a project are usually used by managers to connect team members working on a given project. They help members to track the progress of the project and manage them through visualizing

Time tracking

Time tracking is an important tool for better planning, estimation and great precision. The best project management software is that which has effective time tracking feature to improve the workflow of the project.

Customizable Workflows

Managers should adopt a solution that is flexible enough to be customized according to the needs of team. This feature helps to track how the work is progressing by defining the kind of task each member is assigned to and the stage the work is at.


A good system is that which allows members to collaborate easily on larger projects. It should allow members to share documents, files, status, timelines and tasks easily and efficiently.

Best Project Management Software and Tools in 2019 is cloud-based project management software that makes it simple for teams to manage workloads and enhance effective communication. It has color-coded boards that enable you to quickly and easily track the progress of the project. It has pulses that enhance effective and organized communication, timeline which act as Gantt charts for tracking tasks or projects and clients can be invited to view specific boards on the progress of the project. Other features include file sharing, collaboration, task management, time tracking and mobile. has got 5 pricing plans which include free trial, basic plan that goes for $25 per month, standard plan that goes for $39 per month, pro plan that goes for $59 per month and enterprise plan that goes for $118 per month. The prices are when billed annually.

It is a better Project Management Software as it has a unique organizational approach that utilizes color and placement.


Workzone is a cloud-based project management solution designed with a main focus on document management and collaboration. It allows users to manage projects, create to-do-lists, track time, share file and the likes.

The key features include dashboard that allow users view projects listed by the project manager, start and end dates, percentage of project accomplished and much more. It has project templates that can be created for a project or task for a later date to save time.

It also allows users to create project requests which the program uses to send requests to specific users through email. It has the to-do list, master group calendar for tracking deadlines and time tracking tasks.

Workzone no longer publicly display their pricing information and you can get quotation by contacting them directly. It is better project management software and tools because it has best tools for project management.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is cloud-based project management solution that is designed to help teams manage simple and complex projects and tasks. It allow users to assign projects, track milestones, share comments as well as files and monitor time.

It has milestone feature that allow users track the set deadlines in the project. It also allows you to manage tasks in dependencies and Kanban views amongst others. The in-built Gantt charts shows milestone as well as dependencies. It allows the user change schedules using the drag-and-drop interface.

Numerous collaboration features like Feed allow users be updated as well as comment on a specific task or milestone. The activity stream allows users to track timelines of particular discussions while project chat creates a platform where members can chat either one-on-one or with a team. Other features include project pages, gamification feature, time-tracking and resource utilization chart.

Zoho projects pricing include standard plan that costs $25 per month, Express plan that costs $50 per month, Premium plan that goes for $100 and the Enterprise plan that costs $150. Zoho Projects is a better solution because it has great useful features at affordable price.


GanttPRO is basically Gantt chart software designed for efficient project management as it allows the user to divide projects into manageable groups called tasks and further subtasks. The tasks can then be organized and scheduled with durations and dependencies set between. It essentially helps set the required estimates to manage resources as required.

It features the online project planning tool that has Gantt charts, team management and resource management software. With GanttPRO, the user can work independently or create a workplace for the entire team members of your project.

It has a free trial with an individual plan costing $15 per month. Team of 5 users’ costs $7.90 per user per month, team of 10 users goes for $6.90 per user per month, team of 15 users is priced at $5.90 per user per month and the enterprise plan will require you to contact the vendor for quotation.

GanttPRO is better because it helps users become more efficient and productive in managing their projects from the time it is initiated to the delivery time.


TeamGantt is a cloud-based Gantt chart and project planning solution suitable for small, medium and large businesses. It has collaborative tool like Gantt charts, file sharing, task-level communication and time tracking. It features a drag-and-drop simple interface where users can create tasks. It also allows users to comment on given available tasks while keeping the chats in the tasks.

It allows you to add dependencies by clicking and dragging dots to where you want. It also allow the user to create milestones and baselines which can symbolise targets or goals which are ticked off upon completion. It has Mobile apps and iOS that makes it flexible for you to track the progress of the project anywhere anytime.

It has a free plan for up to 3 users, Standard team plan for $39.50 per month for 5 users and Enterprise plan that costs $62.50 per month for 5 users. The Enterprise plan is available at a price determined by the provider. TeamGantt is a better choice because it suits all business sizes.

What are the benefits of using Project Management Software and Tools?

Project managers who adopt the use of Project Management Software and Tools benefit in organizing, planning and running projects in an accurate, predictable and productive manner. Below are benefits of using the system and Tools;

Project Planning– Enables you to easily and effectively plan projects with previous track record in mind.

Scheduling and Time Management– This is a special element as you are able to register time against work items and take workers’ schedule on board.

Resource allocation– Helps you allocate workers with the right tasks at the right time.

Project budgets– It helps you keep real-time check of time and proposed budget.

Tracking project– Helps you to alert you in case the project experiences some difficulties.

Communication and collaboration– Users benefit as it allows them post comments and concerns, communicate with outside stakeholders while keeping record of all the events.

How can you select the best Project Management Software and Tools?

When choosing the best Project Management Software and Tools, one should consider the following;

Budget: Budget comes first because you have to select a system that best fits the amount you have and yet will serve the purpose you want.

Ease of deployment and integration: this is important because there are some programs which cannot be deployed or integrated easily.

Scalability: A good Project Management Software and Tools is one which can be scaled up in case you want to hire additional subcontractors.

Security: A good Project Management Software and Tools should also protect all the information, documents and other sensitive matters you are handling in the project.

Who should consider Project Management Software and Tools?

Project Management Software and Tools is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises as long as you choose the right system for your Company. When deciding the type of software and tools that best suits your business, you should take into account the features of the system. The feature should always support the kind of projects you are handling.

Final Verdict

There are several options available that any manager can adopt when it comes to organizing work in any project. Choosing the right and suitable project management software and tools require dedication. In this review of best project management software and tool we have outlined what is essential guidelines that are helpful in choosing the best system and reviewed some of the best software and Tools so far. I believe these will be helpful to you when making that great selection.