Bitdefender Vs TotalAV


Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Bitdefender is a better antivirus.

In this review of TotalAV vs Bitdefender, we consider Bitdefender better because it is easy to use, protects you from all kinds of malware and viruses, protects you while on the internet, provides parental control, has additional features on the paid packages and in addition to the free trial, there are premium packages and the pricing is absolutely fair.

Bitdefender Vs TotalAV: SECURITY

Bitdefender and TotalAV security features differ to certain circumstances. Bitdefender for instance, puts much focus into locking down your PC. What it does is search your device’s hardware for any infections or threats and ensuring your device is safe from any infections. Its webcam shield is readily available in ensuring that your video streams are secure. It also has a SafePay browser that keeps your online payments secure and private from hackers. In addition, there is an advanced password protection as well as bypass keyboard that handles keyloggers and encrypted management system that is responsible for keeping all the codes.

TotalAV on itself is well known for optimising your device in terms of security and speed. It has the PC optimization tool which operates as a disk cleaner that most often removes any available unnecessary programs and files. TotalAV has also a remote firewall that can be customized automatically and VPN adblocker as well as an anti-phishing tool. In addition, there is a web shield that protects your PC from unsafe websites which is tested to be just 90% effective. The following is a summary of the features of Bitdefender vs TotalAV;

Real-time antivirus; Bitdefender and TotalAV have Real-time antivirus;.

Manual virus scanning; Bitdefender and TotalAV have manual virus scanning.

USB virus scan; both Bitdefender and TotalAV have USB virus scan.

Registry start-up scan; Bitdefender and TotalAV have registry start-up scan.

Auto virus scanning; both Bitdefender and TotalAV have auto virus scanning.

Scheduled scan; Bitdefender and TotalAV have scheduled scan.

Email protection; Bitdefender has email protection.

Chat/IM protection; TotalAV has chat/IM protector.

Adware prevention; TotalAV has adware prevention.

Personal firewall; both Bitdefender and TotalAV have this feature.

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better in terms of security.

Bitdefender Vs TotalAV: FEATURES

Bitdefender has amazing features that include anti-phishing/fraud, has work mode, movie mode game mode, online banking transaction security, safe browsing just to mention but a few. In addition, Bitdefender is one of the easiest antiviruses to use on the market and has a 30-day free trial for most packages and a total security offers a 90-day trial.

TotalAV on other hand lacks some advanced features and functionality which bars it from competing with other top brands but still it has free version that does a better and effective protection to your device. It has a user-friendly interface and a 30-day MBG option with premiums of $80, $90 packages are amazing deals you can’t assume. It can delete duplicates behind you knowledge and is compatible with Win, Mac, Android and IOS. In addition, it has clean-up and system boost features an infection free device. Below is a summary of the same;

Anti-spyware; Bitdefender and TotalAV have anti-spyware.

Anti-worm; Bitdefender and TotalAV have anti-worm.

Anti-Trojan; Bitdefender and TotalAV have Anti-Trojan.

Anti-Rootkit; Bitdefender and TotalAV have anti-Rootkit.

Anti-Phishing; Bitdefender and TotalAV have anti-Phishing.

Anti-spam; Bitdefender has Anti-Spam.

Ease of use; both Bitdefender and TotalAV have 5/5.

Parental control; Bitdefender has parental control.

Game mode; Bitdefender has game mode.

VPN service; Bitdefender and TotalAV have VPN services.

Smartphone optimizer; TotalAV has smartphone optimizer.

Device tune-up; the two products have device tune-up.

Safe browser; Bitdefender and TotalAV have safe browsers.

Live help; the two products have live help.

Phone support; Bitdefender and TotalAV have phone support.

Email support; TotalAV has email support.

Ticket support; both products have ticket support.

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better in terms of features.

Bitdefender Vs TotalAV: COMPATIBILITY

Compatible with Windows; Bitdefender and TotalAV are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; Bitdefender and TotalAV are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with IOS; Bitdefender and TotalAV are compatible with IOS.

Compatible with Android; the two products are compatible with Android.

Bottom line: Bitdefender and TotalAV have the same compatibility features.

Bitdefender Vs TotalAV: PRICING

Starting price; Bitdefender has $39.98 while TotalAV has $19.95.

Discount available; Bitdefender has 44% whereas TotalAV has 78%.

Money Back Guarantee; the two products have 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

Bottom line: TotalAV is better because it is cheap and has a 78% discount.


When we compare Bitdefender and TotalAV, Bitdefender is a better antivirus because it has superior features than TotalAV.