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Bitdefender Vs Vipre

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better than Vipre.

When we compare Vipre vs Bitdefender in this review, it is quite clear that Bitdefender is better because it protects you from all kinds of malware and viruses, protects you while on the internet, provides parental control, has additional features on the paid packages, it is easy to use, has free trial, has premium packages and the pricing is absolutely fair.

Bitdefender Vs Vipre: SECURITY

Security of your PC comes when you think of an antivirus and according to how we use our devices determines what kind of antivirus. In addition, there essential features a good antivirus must have for a general security of your PC.

Bitdefender in this case has its main focus in locking your PC. It searches your device’s hardware for any infections or threats and ensuring your device is safe from any unwanted threats or programs. Its webcam shield is perfect and designed in ensuring that your video streams are secure. It also has a SafePay browser that keeps your online payments are secure and private from hackers. In addition, there is an advanced password protection as well as bypass keyboard that handles keyloggers and encrypted management system that is responsible for keeping all the codes.

Vipre has a strong protection for your PC from potential viruses as well as malware according to tests carried out. According to a survey carried out, Vipre was able to block 99% of malware because it has a solid Edge Protection. It also offers free viruses and malware removal to your PC if you are a subscriber. Vipre can also deal with ransomware. Its focus is to search for signature and hash matches and although this method is not strong enough to deal with new ransomware as it lacks signature, the providers convince us that techniques like heuristics and behavioural detection are enough to handle such a threat. Below is a summary on the two products;

Real-time antivirus; Bitdefender and Vipre have real-time antivirus.

Manual virus scanning; Bitdefender and Vipre have manual virus scanning.

USB virus scan; the two products have this feature.

Registry start-up scan; the two products have this feature.

Auto virus scanning; Bitdefender and Vipre have auto virus scanning.

Scheduled scan; Bitdefender and Vipre have scheduled scan.

Email protection; the two antiviruses have email protection.

Chat/IM protection; Vipre has this feature.

Personal firewall; the two antiviruses have personal firewall.

Bottom line: Vipre is better according to the features.

Bitdefender Vs Vipre: FEATURES

The features of Bitdefender include anti-phishing/fraud, work mode, movie mode, game mode, online banking transaction security, safe browsing just to mention but a few. In addition, Bitdefender is one of the easiest antiviruses to use on the market and has a 30-day free trial for most packages and a total security offers a 90-day trial.

Vipre on other hand has active protection, quick/ deep/ custom scans both scheduled and manual, email protection, advanced browser protection, malicious URL blocking (premium package) & endpoint security, bidirectional firewall (premium tier) & endpoint security, patch management (premium) & endpoint security, advanced Active protection (endpoint security only) and device control (endpoint security only). Below is the breakdown of the two antiviruses;

Anti-spyware; Bitdefender and Vipre have this feature.

Anti-worm; Bitdefender and Vipre have this feature.

Anti-Trojan; Bitdefender and Vipre have Anti-Trojan.

Anti-Rootkit; both Bitdefender and Vipre have Anti-rootkit.

Anti-phishing; the two antiviruses have anti-phishing.

Anti-spam; Bitdefender and Vipre have Anti-spam.

Parental control; Bitdefender has parental control.

Game mode; Bitdefender has game mode.

VPN service; Bitdefender has this feature.

Device tune-up; Bitdefender has this feature.

Safe browser; Bitdefender has safe browser.

Live help; Bitdefender has live help.

Phone support; the two antiviruses have phone support.

Email support; Vipre has email support.

Ticket support; the two antiviruses have ticket support.

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better as it has better features.

Bitdefender Vs Vipre: COMPATIBILITY

Compatible with Windows; the two products are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with IOS; the two antiviruses are compatible with IOS

Compatible with Mac; Bitdefender and Vipre are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with android; Bitdefender and Vipre are compatible with android.

Bottom line: Bitdefender and Vipre have the same features.

Bitdefender Vs Vipre: PRICING

Starting price; Bitdefender is $39.98 whereas Vipre is $23.99

Discount available; Bitdefender has 44% whereas Vipre has 20%.

Money Back Guarantee; Bitdefender has 30 days while Vipre has 15 days.

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better in terms of pricing.


In this review of Bitdefender Vs Vipre, Bitdefender is a better antivirus as it supersedes Vipre in most of the features.

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