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Canon EOS 80D VS. Nikon D7200
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September 11, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

When you compare canon 80D vs Nikon D7200, you get the following superior features of Canon EOS 80D; has a flip-out screen, 16.67% faster shooting at highest resolution with AF as JPEG format, has a touch screen, has a built-in HDR mode, has touch autofocus, 6.85% less body volume, 1 more microphone and 1.5mm shorter.


Comparing Nikon D7200 vs canon 80D, we get the following features;

Weather sealed; both cameras are weather sealed.

Flip-out screen; only Canon EOS 80D has this feature.

Built-in focus motor; Nikon D7200 has a built-in focus motor.

More viewfinder coverage; each camera has 100%.

Optical viewfinder; both cameras have this feature.

Bottom line: Canon EOS 80D has flip-out screen whereas Nikon D7200 has built-in focus motor.


Canon EOS 80D vs Nikon D7200 have the following optic features;

AF tracking; both cameras have AF tracking,

Focus points; Canon EOS 80D has 45 while Nikon D7200 has 51.

Sensor size; Canon EOS 80D has 22.5 x 15mm whereas Nikon D7200 has 23.5 x 15.6mm.

Maximum light sensitivity; both cameras have 25600 ISO.

Phase detection autofocus for photos; the two cameras have this feature.

Megapixels; Canon EOS 80D has 24.2MP whereas Nikon D7200 has 24.71MP.

Bottom line: Nikon D7200 has better optic features.


Video recording (main camera); the two cameras have 1080 x 60fps each.

Phase detection autofocus for videos; Nikon D7200 alone has this feature.

Continuous autofocus when recording movies; both cameras have this feature.

Timelapse function; both cameras have timelapse functions.

24P cinema mode; both cameras have 24P cinema modes.

Bottom line: Nikon D7200 is better as it has phase detection autofocus for videos.


Audio features of D7200 vs 80D include;

Stereo microphone; both cameras have stereo microphones.

Microphone input; both cameras have microphone inputs.

Number of microphones; Canon EOS 80D has 2 whereas Nikon D7200 has 1.

Socket for 3.5mm audio jack; both cameras have this.

Bottom line: Canon EOS 80D is better as it has 1 more microphone.


Battery life (CIPA); Canon EOS 80D has 960shots whereas Nikon D7200 has 1110shots.

Removable battery; both cameras have removable batteries.

Battery level indicator; both cameras have battery level indicators.

Rechargeable batteries; both cameras have rechargeable batteries.

Bottom line: Nikon D7200 is better as it has a better battery life.


External memory slot; both cameras have external memory slots

WIFI; they both have WIFI

802.11N WIFI connection; the two cameras have this feature.

Remote control; they both have remote controls.

Accelerometer; they both have accelerometers.

HDMI output; both cameras have HDMI outputs.


Nikon D7200 vs Canon 80D, which is better, is a question you might ask yourself when you are comparing the two and the answer is, Canon EOS 80D.

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