Caspio vs Knack

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Caspio is better.

In this review, Caspio is a better project development program than Knack when we compare Caspio vs Knack because of performance analysis and virtualization. It is also cheaper and is one of the most secure and reliable data repositories for its users.

Caspio vs Knack: FEATURES

Caspio is an easy-to-use cloud based application that allows users to develop customized database applications. It has a step-by-step wizard that guides the user through the creation of everything with simple instruction. Users can create forms, user logins, reports and much more ease. It has automatic upgrade of its features for better performance of applications. Being a cloud-based program, it is built-in Microsoft SQL server which supports rich data types like text, numbers, currency, date and time and files. It also consists of smart data types like auto number, GUID, encrypted passwords and the rest. It also includes unlimited app users, has powerful user authentication features.

Knack on the other hand is cloud-based database management portal software that allows users to build online databases that can be accessed remotely. It includes an application builder, customization tools, reporting and analytics, an open API and payment processing.

It allows its users to build their own workflow solutions or use the customizable templates available in the software. In consists of several templates like the customer portal, job portal, inventory manager, project manager, donations, events calendar, job listing, product catalog and much more. In addition, users can add forms, maps, tables, e-commerce features, searches and calendars to their portal. It has monthly pricing plans and support is available too through phone, email chat, via Skype and through a support portal.

Bottom line: Caspio is better

Caspio vs Knack: WORK MANAGEMENT

In terms of work management, Caspio provides an all-in-one platform for the users to develop customized database applications. It has all the tools as well as features needed to design, develop and deploy the applications. Caspio is one of the most secure and reliable data repositories for the users. It has Microsoft SQL server which help Caspio provide a reliable database for users to upload their data and then create reports as well as forms with the assistance of the tools available. In addition, it has open API which enhances the customization and personalization features for the users.

Knack on the other hand is a web-based and mobile friendly app that allows the user to design, modify, check and access your database on the go. It blends seamlessly with your current program infrastructure. In addition, Knack has handy widgets like searches, online forms, filters and is able to protect the user’s data in a simple way with user access controls, logins, permissions and backup. It is sometimes capable of applying equation and formula calculations on both native and imported data. The dashboard of Knack can be customized by the use of CSS and jQuery and produce SEO snapshots for instant Google indexing.

Bottom line: both Caspio and Knack have the same work management features.

Caspio vs Knack: COLLABORATION

Caspio integrates seamlessly with a plethora which is one of the popular services and tools that can help in database application development and also during the operations, reporting and task management. In addition, it offers multiple support channels for its users. Caspio users also have the advantage of benefiting from online support, live chat and forums to discuss the possibilities and resolve their queries.

Knack allows the users to take control of the whole process of building the databases as he can add forms, searches, and calendars and organize the whole library. Once the user creates the database, he can enter records manually or import them from another app.

Bottom line: Caspio is better.

Caspio vs Knack: PRICING

Caspio consists of a free plan and four additional paid tiers and billed as follows; Basic plan costs $59 per month, Professional plan for $249 per month, Performance tier for $799 per month and the corporate plan that goes for $1699 per month.

Knack on the other hand a free trial and other plans are billed as follows; Starter plan costs $39 per month, the Pro plan costs $79 per month, Corporate tier costs $179 per month, Enterprise 1 costs $299 per month, Enterprise 2 costs $499 per month and Enterprise 3 costs $999 per month.

Bottom line: Knack is better


When we compare Knack vs Caspio in this review, Caspio is better as it has better features than Knack.

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