Co Construct vs Buildertrend

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Buildertrend is better.

Buildertrend is a better project management tool when we compare Co construct vs Buildertrend as it is an all-in-one solution, offers collaboration and fits all types of businesses.

Co Construct vs Buildertrend: FEATURES

Co Construct is a construction management program designed for custom home builders and remodelers. It allows users to manage all aspects of a project, communicate with the entire team members as well as clients and control all the finances in real-time. It is the only software that allows each user to enter information once and have the data flow from the estimate, specifications, selections, bids, change orders, budgets and to and from QuickBooks. Its key features include keep track of To-dos, effortless proposals, marketing and branding customization, custom mobile apps, budget and forecast project costs, coordinate schedules and much more.

Buildertrend is a cloud-based construction software solution for home builders that basically focus in facilitating the digital task of managing construction processes. Its features include;

Bid request, proposals/estimating, leads/CRM, auto Email marketing, Owner login, daily logs, To-Do’s, scheduling, Doc & photos, messaging, warranty/punch list, plan mark-up, trade partners, payments, budget, purchase orders, integration, lien Waivers, time sheets, change orders, client portal, selections, surveys/reviews, communication and mobile app.

Bottom line: the two programs have the same features.

Co Construct vs Buildertrend: WORK MANAGEMENT

Co Construct is a construction project management tool designed for home building and remodelling and its focus is for users to manage and control their design-build businesses effectively. Business productivity is achieved when a single entry and estimation system collates all data in a single hub from where users can control orders, budgets, bids and particular selections. It offers an intuitive interface easy for users to handle their tasks hassle-free.

Buildertrend is in optimizing communication among all the involved departments as well as the subcontractors, vendors, customers and builders. It covers small, medium as well as large businesses. It deals with bidding requests, single entry estimations and building proposals for the entire pre-sale process so that you can get more projects, reduce cost defects as well as increase the completion of the project for customer satisfaction.

Buildertrend also helps in handling financial management by organizing and processing payment orders, managing purchase orders, job costing, amongst others. It has also customer management as its core value to deal with customer reviews on site, sending sand analysing surveys as well as optimizing communication.

Bottom line: Buildertrend is better.

Co Construct vs Buildertrend: COLLABORATION

Co Construct is a flexible platform that allows users make right selections and is suitable for standardized as well as projects. The manager is capable of organizing the activities of the projects plus other project related components like prices, specifications, documents and files. This is made possible because of custom scheduling, to-do lists and in-team sharing. Contact details, activity history and upcoming tasks for leads as well as contacts are situated in a single space

Buildertrend is a solution that that all purchase orders made are under good management as its focus is eliminating purchasing errors. It features commenting features as well as private messaging for easy communication amongst the users within its system making collaboration an easy and outstanding concept.

Bottom line: Buildertrend is better.

Co Construct vs Buildertrend: PRICING

The pricing of Co Construct construction project management software is straightforward that can adapt to anyone’s business. It includes a pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription plan that starts from $99 per month. It has the core plan that is priced at $199 per month, the standard package that costs $249 per month and the plus plan that goes for $299 per month.

The packages of Buildertrend include unlimited projects, clients and subcontractors. You only pay the number of users you have with a zero setup fee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The small and medium business plan will cost the user $299 per month and you can contact the vendor for large business quotation.

Bottom line: Co Construct is better as it has a better pricing plan.


When we compare Co Construct and Buildertrend in this review, Buildertrend is better as it has great features and it is better in work management.

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