Cylance vs ESET

February 7, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: ESET is better than Cylance.

In this review, when we compare Cylance and ESET, ESET is a better antivirus because it is good in protection against ransomware and targeted threats, detects and remediates against those threats which are chronic and is an easy to use antivirus.


ESET is an antivirus that is known to be innovative on its own and is a low-maintenance antivirus that operates without interfering with your work. It has an idle scan that doesn’t slow down your system as it waits until your PC is in a sleep mode. The smart security premium of ESET is a perfect antivirus that provides a couple of quality security features for the safety of your data and PC. The smart security premium provides independent proven antivirus protection, top-grade internet security tools like phishing protection that is capable of protecting your PC’s privacy from potential hackers.

Cylance on the other hand is an end point security solution which is capable of detecting, preventing and blocking potential threats that might harm your device. It is a company based cybersecurity product whose aim is to protect advanced threats that might arise or threaten the company’s data. It protects the real-time attack of your PC’s information. What it does is to analyse and categorise several characteristics per every file available and verify how safe it is. Below is the security features breakdown of Cylance and ESET when we compare them;

Anti-ransomware; Cylance has Anti-ransomware.

Real-time protection; both Cylance and ESET have real-time protection.

Bottom line: Cylance is better in terms of security as it has better security features.


Cylance is a unique antivirus that is well known for its artificial intelligence aspect of dealing with threats. The main features of Cylance are; true zero-day prevention, al-driven malware threat prevention, script management, device usage policy application or enforcement, memory exploitation detection and prevention and application control for fixed-operation or function.

ESET on the other hand comes in different premiums with a smart security premium that is inclusive of great programs which are helpful in keeping your system clean and safe. It is able to protect your PC and hackers against potential hackers, ransomware and phishing as well. In addition, ESET is excellent in providing the desired balance of speed, detection and usability. It has advanced technologies that use artificial intelligence to prevent and block viruses spyware, adware, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits and other potential threats without affecting the system’s usual performance or affecting the PC.  Below is the summary feature of Cylance and ESET in terms of features;

Anti-spyware; both Cylance and ESET have Anti-spyware.

Anti-adware; both Cylance and ESET have anti-adware.

Real-time protection; both Cylance and ESET have real-time protection.

Bottom line: both Cylance and ESET have the same features.


The compatibility features of Cylance and ESET in this review have got the following comparisons;

Compatible with windows; ESET alone is compatible with windows.

Compatible with android; ESET is compatible with Android.

Compatible with Mac; ESET is compatible with Mac.

Bottom line: ESET is a better antivirus in terms of compatibility as it is compatible with Windows, android and Mac.

Cylance vs ESET: PRICING

Pricing is an essential in any given purchase of your desired antivirus and it is good to know the packages of the antivirus and whether they offer free trials or discounts on these antiviruses. Below is the comparison pricing features of both Cylance and ESET?

Starting price; Cylance has a starting price of $29.00 whereas ESET has $50.99

Money back guarantee; Cylance has 30 days money back guarantee.

Bottom line: Cylance is a better antivirus in terms of pricing as it is cheaper and has a 30 days money back guarantee.


When we compare Cylance and ESET in this review, we can note that ESET is better than Cylance mainly because it has antivirus and antispyware, provides proactive protection against all kinds of threats like viruses, worms, rootkits as well as spyware. It also has Anti-phishing, scans while downloading files, and has advanced memory scanner, script based attack protection, ransomware protection as well as UEFI scanner.

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