Dapulse vs Basecamp

Dapulse vs Basecamp

September 20, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.

When we compare Dapulse vs Basecamp in this review, Dapulse is better because it is affordable, suitable for teams of all sizes, it is versatile and aids both small beginners and big enterprises.

Dapulse vs Basecamp: FEATURES

Dapulse projects have boards that are in form of ‘pulses’. These are items like cards found in other programs that allow the user to customize data contained in them by adding fields for text, people or dates and have multiple versions of each type of field to make it a more versatile tool. Dapulse has several views which unlock as you progress through the plans. It has Kanban view, tracking chart views, timeline and calendar and it allows the user to know who is doing what with the use of the activity log. The activity log shows the user the changes every member has made. In addition, Dapulse has enough space files which totals up to 5GB of cloud storage you can use on the Basic plan. However, space is unlimited at the Pro plan.

Basecamp is a project management tool with an intuitive interface for team collaboration and management. It has powerful integrations and a straight forward pricing scheme. It has message boards that allow users to post alerts, questions and other messages to every team member of the project. The manager can notify all team members in the project about the message so that they can see it as soon as possible or share it outside Basecamp link via a public link. The posts can have images and files embedded comments and ‘applause’. It has the Hey! Menu located at the top of the webpage that has all type of notification like new messages, to-do assignments and @ mentions. It has the campfire which is a casual chat room for team members whereby you can mention specific user using the @ symbol or chat with the entire group.

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.

Dapulse vs Basecamp: TASK MANAGEMENT

Dapulse is designed to streamline contribution and help teams and departments in a project perform assigned tasks in the best possible way. It assembles and displays progress data in a very logical and easy way to understand so that all team members can keep track of the progress of projects as well as common operations. It has a neat, well organized and collaboration interface which can be embraced without any training or preparation although it has training materials for novice users on their website as well as YouTube channel.

Dapulse also consists of the most distinctive advanced scheduling capability that applies to task as well as project management and is essential in helping companies get rid of arcane paperwork. It also makes sure that there is no manual entry error which is vital for potential buyers.

Basecamp on the other hand has six core tools for every project which include to-do lists that tracks tasks, message board for announcements and updates purpose, campfire chat tool for users to discuss a given item in the project, schedule tool used top track milestones and as well as deadlines, the docs and files tool that help users to access files required and then lastly the automatic check-ins feature which its work is to automatically ask users for status update on a daily, weekly or on a frequent basis set by the manager.

Bottom line: both Dapulse and Basecamp are the same.

Dapulse vs Basecamp: COLLABORATION

Dapulse assembles and displays progress information or data in a logical and familiar manner for all team members to keep in line with the progress of the projects and normal operations. In addition, Dapulse has the capability of scheduling in advance the project management and task meaning that all paperwork is done away with. Users can add comments on any update, ask questions, bring discussions and answer forum questions. It also has option of uploading of different files and leaving notes and in addition, follows live Facebook/Twitter activity feed about discussions as they arise.

Basecamp has message boards that allow users to post alerts, questions and other kind of messages to everyone in the project. You can notify every member about the message to make sure they see it immediately or share it outside of Basecamp via a public.

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.

Dapulse vs Basecamp: PRICING

Dapulse has got 5 pricing plans which include free trial, basic plan that goes for $25 per month, standard plan that goes for $39 per month, pro plan that goes for $59 per month and enterprise plan that goes for $118 per month. The prices are when billed annually.

Basecamp has a straight forward pricing scheme which is $99 per month that includes unlimited users with all features included and 500GB storage space. In addition, it offers free 30-day trial period.

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.


Dapulse is a better project management program in this review as it has better pricing scheme and better features.

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