Dapulse vs Wrike

Dapulse vs Wrike

September 20, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.

Dapulse is better in this review as we compare Dapulse vs Wrike as it allows managers or organizations to quickly and easily manage tasks, projects and work as a team to achieve specific goals. Dapulse allows you to enter data once and it automatically lets you see different views based on your need.

Dapulse vs Wrike: FEATURES

Dapulse is a project management solution that has boards made of ‘pulses’ which are basically items like cards in. You can customize data contained in them by adding fields for text, people or dates and have multiple versions of each type of field to make it a more versatile tool. Dapulse has several views which unlock as you progress through the plans. The program consists of Kanban view, tracking chart views, timeline and calendar and it allows the user to know who’s doing what with the use of its activity log that shows the user the changes every member has made. In addition, Dapulse has enough space files which totals up to 5GB of cloud storage you can use on the Basic plan. However, space is unlimited at the Pro plan.

Wrike is all-in-one project management and collaboration tool that gives users visual timelines for complete visibility into the status of the project they are tackling. It helps with the project efficiency as users can prioritize their tasks and connect the specific tasks to the project plans with discussions, emails and files. Wrike also has a built-in time tracking system which allows you to track the hours each team member spends on a given task and project and allows managers in evaluating the effectiveness of each team member in the project. Team members can also collaborate on a project in real time.

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.

Dapulse vs Wrike: WORK MANAGEMENT

Dapulse is a simple ant intuitive Team Management Tool that makes it possible for team members to use. The color-coded boards allow users to check the progress of the project and they also convey due-dates and how the assignments relate. Boards are also helpful to the project manager as he is able to track the members who are overworked or underworked and amend the workloads. Communication is also carried out on each board as a means of collaboration.

Wrike on the other hand is a solution that allows the manager to schedule, manage several projects, tasks or other events easily. You can integrate Wrike with emails and messengers to transfer tasks. It also offers a platform where you can arrange schedules on Kanban boards, in tables, task lists or view all your plans on the Timeline.

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.

Dapulse vs Wrike: COLLABORATION

Dapulse is unique when it comes to collaboration as it assembles and displays progress information or data in a logical and familiar manner for all team members to keep in line with the progress of the projects and normal operations. Monday.com users are able to add comments on any update, ask questions, bring discussions and answer forum questions. It also has option of uploading of different files and leaving notes and in addition, follows live Facebook/Twitter activity feed about discussions as they arise.

Wrike has proofing feature which allows you to comment on files and with videos, comments can appear at particular points which makes the feature a better way to discuss with your team members issues with files they are working on or just highlight parts of training videos. In addition, Wrike offers very strong report capabilities for the user to get more detail on the progress of the project. You also get emails regularly which include daily-to-do lists and weekly updates on reports you are subscribed to.

Bottom line: both Dapulse and Wrike support collaboration.

Dapulse vs Wrike: PRICING

Dapulse has got 5 pricing plans which include free trial, basic plan that goes for $25 per month, standard plan that goes for $39 per month, pro plan that goes for $59 per month and enterprise plan that goes for $118 per month. The prices are when billed annually.

Wrike has got five pricing plans which include the free version, professional version for five, 10 or 15 users with a starting price of $9.80 per user per month. We have the business version for 5 up to 200 users and is priced at $24.80 per user per month, Wrike for marketers aimed at marketing and creative teams and you can contact Wrike for pricing and then the Enterprise version for businesses which you can contact vendor for pricing as well.

Bottom line: Dapulse is better.


Dapulse is a better project management in this review than Wrike as it offers better pricing plans that match great features.

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