Delonghi Pacan270G1W Review

October 10, 2019

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The Delonghi Pacan270G1W is a quiet and efficient air conditioner which is also portable and easy to set. It features 12, 000 BTU of cooling power that lowers temperature more easily. It is designed to cover rooms of up to 500 square feet and reduces humidity without leaks. In addition, the user is able to change settings of this air conditioner when he is afar. It is also readily available at a reasonable price.

Unit size

This is an air conditioner that is portable for convenience and covers rooms up to 500 square feet when we look at the Delonghi Pacan270G1W review. It is easy to install and has dimensions of 17.75 x 15.5 x 29.5 inches, 17.1 x 13.8 x 28.1 inches and 16 x 19 x 35.5 inches.

Cooling power

The Delonghi Pacan270G1W cooling power reviews includes an air conditioner that is able to deliver up to 12, 000 BTUs of cooling power and is capable of lowering the temperature in rooms up to 500 square feet. It has the real Feel technology that helps maximize comfort by reducing humidity in addition to temperature. On the other hand, Whisper Cool technology ensures that the air conditioner operates quietly creating a quiet, cool environment without creating noise to nearby people.

It also features the non-drip technology whereby the air conditioner automatically recycles condensation so that leaks are prevented while reducing humidity. The Delonghi portable air conditioner has three fan speed settings that allow the user to adjust the level of airflow which is ideal for optimizing the comfort level. In addition, the Delonghi Pacan270 G1W air conditioner comprises of a control panel which has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to adjust the thermostat as well as the timer.

Energy efficiency

The Delonghi air conditioner features a quiet but very efficient 3-in-one cooling power which also features cooling, dehumidifying and fan. You can save energy by setting the timer to turn on or off to meet the desired schedule. It has reasonable low power consumption due to its size compared to other options of the same calibre.

Noise level

The specification for the Delonghi PACAN270G1W air conditioner is about 45 decibles (db) which relates to 60db plus for most average units. This therefore implies that you can use this air conditioner while you are doing other things like watching TV without experiencing the background noise of the air conditioner. You can also enjoy a cool night without noise in your bedroom. The 50% less noise whisper cool technology reduces noise in half compared to other models.

Extra features

The Delonghi air conditioner comes handy with a remote and a slot built into it where you can place the remote so that you don’t lose it. The remote allows you adjust temperature of the air conditioner and turn the timer on and off from across the room. It has castor wheels and integrated handles that let you move the air conditioner easily from one room to another. It also has an adjustable thermostat, 3 fan speeds and timer. The timer is 24-hour that allows you cool rooms as per your schedule. The unit is designed to automatically remove moisture from the air and use the no-drip technology to recycle condensation and prevent leaks.

Warranty and support

The Delonghi air conditioner is covered by the Sam’s club member satisfaction guarantee. It has a limited warranty period (parts) of one year and limited warranty period (labour) of one year.


With Delonghi PACAN270G1W reviewed, we can conclude by noting that this is quality air conditioner which is quiet, efficient and is also portable for convenience. It is also easy to set and doesn’t occupy a big space. This is ideal for small rooms (single room cooling) up to 500 square feet.

If you have enough budgets and a large area which requires cooling, then the Delonghi PACAN270G1W conditioner will not work well. You need something bigger and powerful like the PACAN140ES. This brand is very quiet and has low noise as it has the whisper cool mode, is easy to install and is much relkiable. There are other options of air conditioners other than the Delonghi but they are very noisy.