Enacfire Future plus Review

March 3, 2020

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The Enacfire Future plus is a high-end earbud for users who love minimalistic design. It features Bluetooth 5.0 which makes connection strong and fast. It offers reliable and stable connection and fit perfectly in your ears. They are water-resistant and sweat proof too giving you a humble time when you are working out in the gym, running or any other exercise. In addition, it has high quality sound for music lovers as it is clear that you hear every note and melody clearly.

Build and comfort

With the Enacfire future plus review you experience a high-quality earbud that has Bluetooth version 5.0 technology. The Bluetooth 5.0 is very powerful as it can reach between 10 and 20 meters without any interference. Some earbuds of this calibre usually have an unstable connectivity. You can use the earbuds anywhere in the house or in the office as well as when you are doing your sporting activities without any interruptions or experiencing technical hitches.

It also features TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology that converts them into 100% wireless headphones without the help of any cable that connects one headset with the other. Weighing just 3.52 ounces, these earbuds are lightweight and portable enough to use.

The price-quality ratio on the other hand is really great. They offer very good sound quality, comfort, perfect support and 100% wireless technology at an affordable price. In addition, it offers a user-friendly experience as it has centralized multifunction buttons that offer some independence from the mobile.

The Enacfire future plus review also has IPX5 waterproof feature that provides resistance against water, sweat and rain. They are perfect device for running, cycling, hiking, yoga, gym, travelling and other exercises.

In addition, they are lightweight and adapt perfectly to your ears so that you are comfortable with carrying out your daily activities or workouts. They have three pairs of silicone pads of 3 different sizes (S, M and L) which you can choose from for your best grip. Regardless of lacking cables, it is hard for them to fall off from your ears.


  • The Enacfire future plus wireless Bluetooth earbuds reviews feature excellent battery life that can last up to 90 hours.
  • They offer very good support in the ears.
  • They are ideal for athletes as they are water-resistant and sweat proof.
  • They have Bluetooth 5.0 technology that offer easy and fast connection
  • They are 100% hands-free.
  • They are lightweight and portable.


  • The earbuds are lightweight and small hence can get lost quite easily.

Voice control

The Enacfire future plus Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds offers centralized easy to use multifunction button. From the headphone, the user can accept or reject calls, can pause or play the music, increase/decrease the volume and select the next or previous songs. It also features the LED indicators that guide you on how to control the amount of battery you have in the base. The left handset marked L is the master handset on the headphone, the Right handset is the secondary handset and only the master earphone L is which has to sound during phone calls.


The features of the Enacfire future plus Bluetooth comprises of 104 hour playtime with portable charging case gives you enough music play time when you are out there. You don’t need to worry about your battery draining out. When fully charged, the power gives you music playback for a whole month with 3 hours of daily use without charging. It can be used as a power bank for some of your devices in your house. It uses the innovative magnetic charging base with a built-in 500mAh battery that charges the headphones automatically when placed in the case.


It has a high-quality sound that surpasses the price tag of headphones of such a calibre. It has stereo, clear, powerful and with moderate bass. Regardless of the Bluetooth 5.0 and HD technology, it maintains perfect sound quality with crystal clear treble.

Noise cancelling

It feature noise cancellation feature that enables you to enjoy your music even in noisy environment.


The Enacfire future plus Bluetooth is an easy to use set of headphones that offers a high-quality sound which is clear, powerful and reasonable bass good for your money.