GanttProject vs ProjectLibre

GanttProject vs ProjectLibre

September 27, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: ProjectLibre is better.

In this review of GanttProject vs ProjectLibre, ProjectLibre is better because it has a higher functionality and is a project management tool. In addition, it has Gantt charts and task tracking features that enable the user to manage several projects efficiently.

GanttProject vs ProjectLibre: FEATURES

GanttProject is a free application that can be downloaded and run by the user easily. It is a Gantt-focused tool with its main view being Gantt chart that has a list of tasks on the left and a calendar that shows how tasks have been scheduled on the right. It allows the user to add a task with a button or menu options with each task being assigned start and end dates.

The calendar helps you change the start and end dates with the drag-and-drop option. It also allow you to change percent-completed in the same way as well as creating dependencies too.

ProjectLibre is free open source project management software which is designed as an alternative desktop solution to MS Project. It allows users to keep track of their tasks, create Gantt charts, monitor timelines and much more. It has key features like the Gantt charts, network diagrams, WBS/RBS charts, earned-value costing, network diagram, resource histograms, multi-project resource pools and histograms.

Bottom line: ProjectLibre is better.

GanttProject vs ProjectLibre: WORK MANAGEMENT

GanttProject is an easy-to-use, open project management tool. It is a desktop application that takes a Gantt-like approach to managing projects. It has resources charts that allow you to add members to your project. This helps you to assign roles to every team members in the project. It has the PERT view which is a chart that shows the user the duration of each task as a value than a bar on the calendar.

GanttProject also offers dependency management and shows you the critical path, the shortest possible time your project can be completed. It also allows you to customize the look of the application by simply picking the pre-sets. It also gives the user freedom to change the colors of the chart elements and add your own logo.

ProjectLibre on the other hand exceeds GanttProject in functionality by far although it is more complex solution making it difficult to use. It is compatible with MS Project which allows you to open and edit files created with MS Software.

It has the Hey.Space feature which is basically a combination of Slack and Trello but more extensive than the two. This is important in keeping all conversations and projects in central point. This makes ProjectLibre a better collaboration and communication tool Project managers desire to have.

Bottom line: ProjectLibre is better.

GanttProject vs ProjectLibre: COLLABORATION

Compared to online platforms, GanttProject is a bit down the pecking order in terms of communication and collaboration but it allows users to email members through the resource list as long as you have added their email addresses. This is however done through the default email application. It also allows you to save files locally by default and share them. You can also save to a network drive or use a service like Dropbox to share your project files. It also allows you to connect to a server through the WevDAV protocol.

ProjectLibre is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows as well as MS Project is open-source and support is also via email and documentation. It therefore allows the user to open and edit files created with MS software. In addition, the Hey.Space feature helps you track all the tasks while having insight of what you team members are doing in line of your project. This feature is vital in keeping conversations and projects in one place.

Bottom line: ProjectLibre is better.

GanttProject vs ProjectLibre: PRICING

GanttProject is free but has an option for the user to play if you want to help support it. ProjectLibre also is a free open source desktop solution just as GanttProject.

Bottom line: both GanttProject and ProjectLibre offer free services for their users.


In this review, ProjectLibre is a better solution as it has a higher functionality and is a project management tool. It also comprises of Gantt charts as well as task tracking features that allow you to manage multiple projects easily.

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