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Google Pixel XL VS. Samsung Galaxy S6
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Google Pixel XL Samsung Galaxy S6

September 9, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

This review covers google pixel vs samsung s6 and the findings suggest samsung galaxy s6 as the better device due to the following reasons: it has 1.95x faster CPU speed, 8.05% higher pixel density, 30.08% more megapixels, is 30g lighter and 1.8mm thinner. It also has wireless charging, 5% wider aperture at minimum focal length and has continuous autofocus when recording movies.


In terms of the design, google pixel vs galaxy s6 compare using the following specs:

Height; while google pixel XL has a height of 154.7mm, samsung galaxy s6 has 143.4mm.

Weight; 168g for google pixel XL and 138g for samsung galaxy s6.

Width; google pixel XL has a width of 75.7mm while galaxy s6 has 70.5mm.

Thickness; while google pixel XL has a thickness of 8.6mm, samsung galaxy s6 has 6.8mm.

Bottom Line design
based on the above design features, google pixel XL is better.


The display of galaxy s6 vs google pixel compare based on the following:

Pixel density; while google pixel XL has 534ppi, galaxy s6 has 577ppi.

Resolution; both phones have 1440 x 2560px.

Screen size; while google pixel XL has 5.5 inches, samsung galaxy s6 has 5.1.

Both phones have a touch screen, AMOLED display and a branded damage resistant glass.

Bottom Line display
samsung galaxy s6 has better display than google pixel XL.


The performance of a phone is a vital feature. When comparing s6 vs pixel, we focus on:

RAM speed; while google pixel XL has 1866MHz, samsung galaxy s6 has 1552MHz.

CPU threads; google pixel XL has 4 while samsung galaxy s6 has 8.

Both phones have an AES, integrated graphics and LTE. However, only google pixel XL has an out of order execution.

Bottom Line performance
google pixel XL is better in performance.


The cameras of samsung galaxy s6 vs google pixel compare based on:

Megapixels; the back camera of google pixel XL has 12.3mp while that of galaxy s6 has 16mp.

Front camera megapixels; google pixel has 8mp and galaxy s6 has 5mp.

Video recording; both phones have 2160 x 30fps.

Widest aperture; google pixel has f/2 while samsung galaxy s6 has f/1.9.

Both phones have an in-built optical image stabilization and a flash.

Bottom Line cameras
google pixel XL has a better camera than the latter.


Both phones have two microphones and a socket for a 3.5mm audio jack.

Bottom Line audio
Although both phones seem to be equal. Samsung galaxy s6 is slightly better in audio experience.


Battery power; while google pixel has 3450mAh, galaxy s6 has 2550mAh.

Both phones have a battery level indicator and a rechargeable battery. However, only samsung galaxy s6 has wireless charging provision.

Bottom Line battery
samsung galaxy s6 is better due to the wireless charging provision.


Only google pixel XL has USB type C, supports two sim cards and has a barometer.

Only samsung galaxy s6 supports ANT+ and has a heart rate monitor.

Bottom Line special features
google pixel XL has better special features.

In summary, both phones compete closely and almost outdo each other in every feature. However, based on the specs that an ideal mobile phone should have, samsung galaxy s6 is better.

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