HelloFresh vs. Blue Apron

May 11, 2020

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In case you hardly do anything more than heating up meals in the kitchen, it is highly likely that you do not have the time to plan your meal, shop the fresh ingredients, and prepare the meal or the confidence to cook. Well, you should know that you are not alone. There are several meal delivery services delivering healthy home-cooked which proves to be helpful even for the most unlikely cooks. When you use meal delivery services, you do not have to plan your meal as you will get tasty dinners delivered just at your doorstep.

Two of the most reputed meal delivery services are HelloFresh and Blue Apron. Here is a comparison of both to help you choose the best one.

HelloFresh is just what its name suggests. It is mainly about providing customers with quality ingredients. However, it also takes pride in its efficiency. The meal delivery service limits the quantity of processed foods in the meal like spice mixes or premade sauces. However, this doesn’t make recipes laborious. Every meal is prepared in 6 different steps.

Blue Apron is a household name. It offers meal delivery services that go further than boxing up the ingredients. The meals are interesting and varied. They use unique species, fresh from the farm. Also, they incorporate international flavors. You can also get add-ons like wine and cheese.

Variety Offered

No two houses are the same. Moreover, every family has their own mealtime requirements and wants. This can be the number of people who have to be fed or the total meal required every week. Flexibility and convenience are important so that you get what you are looking for.

With HelloFresh, you will be able to enjoy a little more variety. There are 4 meal plans for 2-4 people and you can choose from 2, 3, and 4 meals every week. The meal plan comprises of,

  • Veggie box
  • Mixed box
  • Low-calorie box
  • A family-friendly box

In comparison to this, Blue Apron just offers 2 different plan sizes for 2-4 people. However, the numbers of recipes that are available to you are limited to 2 and 3 every week unless you opt for a family plan that includes up to 4 meals every week. Blue Apron also offers,

  • Signature plan
  • Family plan
  • Vegetarian plan
  • Weight Watchers Freestyle plan

Both meal kits in Canada allow the customers to choose the day of the week which is best for the delivery. Most of them offer drop-offs all 7 days in the majority of the regions.

The website of HelloFresh is quite user-friendly. Hence, you can easily skip, cancel, and even reactivate a subscription online. With Blue Apron too, you will be able to skip weeks over the internet but if you have to cancel the service, you will have to call or email them. This might be an unnecessary hassle for some.

Recipe Creativity and Quality

Even though Blue Apron lacks convenience, it makes up for this with its creativity. This meal-delivery service puts a tad gourmet spin on home cooking. Thus, if you are looking to broaden your horizon a little, Blue Apron allows you to do that. You will like the internationally-inspired meals such as Crispy za’atar Chicken Tenders and Mushroom Tempura Rice Bowl. Thus, cooks are introduced to different flavors and new techniques. You will hardly find meal kits using ingredients such as Fregola Sarda but this meal kit delivery will make it a staple in your kitchen. There are 8 different recipes at Blue Apron. In fact, you will find meal plans for dietary restrictions such as dairy-free or gluten-free.

At HelloFresh, the number of recipes that are available is almost double of what is available at Blue Apron. However, neither of the companies offers many options when it comes to vegetarians or for people who have some kind of food intolerances. Both services offer a good range of traditional meals. When it comes to creativity, Blue Apron wins but if the number of recipes is to be considered, HelloFresh fairs better.

Value for Money

When it comes to the pricing structure, both the companies are quite straightforward. If you choose Blue Apron, the more you order, the cheaper the price will be. Hence, if you are choosing a subscription of 2 meals for 2, it is going to cost you $47.95 every week and when you opt for a subscription of 3 meals for 2, it is going to cost you $59.94 every week. When you choose the family plan, you can enjoy free shipping. However, if you opt for a 2 meal plan for 4, it is going to set you back to $71.92.

Hello, Fresh provides the customers with a flat shipping fee of $6.99. If you opt for a subscription of 2 meals for 2, it is going to cost $50.95 that makes the total price of $10.99 for each service along with the shipping. The plan for 3 meals for 2 cost $60.93 every week. However, a 2 meal plan for 4 is going to set the price to $78.91 along with shipping.

The price difference is only marginal. However, since HelloFresh is always charging a shipping fee, it puts them a little behind.

Quality of Ingredients

Blue Apron stands apart in the market in regards to ingredients. The meal delivery service aims to deliver a better food system. Thus, it works with family-run farms that adopt organic growing practices. Also, it has partnerships with several environmental experts to improve the overall food industry and the effect of it on the planet.

On the other hand, Freshness is the mantra of HelloFresh. This is definitely evident in their ingredient selection. The company works with experienced and sustainable businesses to ensure that seasonal products are delivered fresh. Nevertheless, produce fresh is not organic. Instead of focusing on organic ingredients, they are helping customers to take the required steps to add more vegetables and fruit in their meals.

Thus both companies provide sustainable and high-quality ingredients. This appears to be a close call and ultimately, what you choose your personal choice.