How to Compare Online Casinos in 2020

May 29, 2020

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You want to join the best online casino in 2020. You’re prepared to make your first deposit and become a loyal customer if it’s a reliable website. But you have one problem. How do you decide what the most suitable casino for you is?

If you’re like most Internet users, comparing websites is the most effective way to come up with a winner. You can compare their payment methods. You can test each site’s performance and contact channels. In the casino scene, these are all the factors you need to consider.

They Meet the Basic Requirements

Certain things are compulsory for an online casino to be considered legitimate and safe. First off, they must have a license. The UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, New Jersey, Delaware and Curacao have regulatory bodies that govern online casinos.  So, before you compare two or more casinos, ensure they hold valid licenses.

Another essential requirement is an SSL certificate. Often denoted by a padlock in front of a website’s domain name, this feature confirms that a casino has what it takes to keep your data safe.

Some casinos have more security certificates. For example, they might have PCI compliance to prove they work with safe payment companies and handle customers’ banking data safely.

Games and Providers

Everyone has a unique taste for casino games. To ensure you find a site that offers what you precisely like, compare operators based on their game variety and software providers. If you have a list of video slots you like, ensure they are offered at the two or more casinos you are comparing.

If you’re not sure what games you like, compare what’s offered on both websites. One casino could have 200 slots from one software provider. In contrast, the second operator might have 500 slots from ten developers. In that regard, you will want to choose the latter.

In the same style, you might want to check what card games and live dealers each casino provides. Naturally, you will favour the website that offers all your favourite game.

Bonuses Provided

Nearly all casinos offer bonuses these days. So, it makes sense to join a gambling website with the best welcome freebies. But how do you decide which bonus is better? For starters, look at the size of the offer.

Some casinos provide a small bonus of not more than £100. Others shower newcomers with up to £2000. In most cases, these offers are available as long as you deposit the minimum amount at a casino.

That said, a bonus size isn’t the only thing you should use to make a decision. Also, compare online casinos based on the terms and conditions of their offers. For example, what games can you play with these bonuses? Can you withdraw your winnings? What are the wagering requirements?

Logically, give the highest marks to casinos with the most favorable terms for their welcome bonuses. Of course, also compare each website’s loyalty offers. Some operators might not have generous welcome packages. But their loyalty programs could offer you irresistible deals.

Payment Methods and Policies

Although you can play casino games free of charge, there might come a time when you decide to deposit money. You could also win and want to withdraw your profits. What banking company would you want to use for both purposes?

If you like credit and debit cards, find casinos that support Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. In the same style, contrast what e-wallets a few companies feature, their cryptos or whether they offer any other unique banking apps you like.

Crucially, part of comparing payment methods to find out what fees and charges to expect from each company. Also, compare deposit and withdrawal limits. That means if you are a high roller, find casinos that allow you to withdraw up to £100,000 per month. If you bet small amounts, look for a site with low withdrawal limits.

Web Interface and Mobile Compatibility

Most people look at casinos’ beautiful web designs and think that automatically translates to smooth gaming experiences. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, a neat-looking website is good to look at.

But when comparison casinos, pay more attention to navigation, web loading speeds and responsiveness on your mobile device. You probably spend plenty of time on your iPhone. So, make sure you choose a casino that presents games seamlessly on smartphones.

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether a website is reliable or it crashes often. But that’s what some bonuses are meant for. Use them to play slots or card games to feel the technical reliability of a website. Alternatively, read reviews to learn from the experience of past customers.

Customer Service

This is yet another casino service that’s challenging to compare. You can conveniently contrast what contact channel various companies provide. But you can’t tell how reliable each company is unless you contact them.

Let’s say you have two companies that offer live support 24/7. You can contact both of them with simple messages. Then you can judge their performance based on how fast they reply and how helpful you find their responses.

On the flip side, rely on online reviews to judge casinos’ quality of customer service. Visit forums to learn from actual past customers. Or use review websites operated by professionals to discover their experiences with different casinos.

Unique Features

Some casinos are incredibly creative and have features and services never seen before in the industry. Sometimes these unique offerings can be valuable to players, so pay attention to them.

For example, an operator might have a chatroom through which you can interact with fellow players. Or it could have a loyalty program that pays you for being a loyal player. Still, some platforms might be more vested in personalizing your experience than others. In doing so, these casinos are more likely to give you a better gaming experience.

Of course, know that it’s legal to use more than one online casino. It’s free to open these accounts. So, if you have doubts as to which website to join, create reports on several platforms, determine which one suits you the most through experience.