Intel Core i3-6100 Review

October 2, 2019

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The Intel Core i3-6100 review shows that it is a processor in the Skylake segment that is affordable suitable for all users including gamers. It is in the same price category with the 7100 core i3. The performance of the two CPUs is slightly different.

The Intel CPU is basically designed with two cores with a Hyper-Threading technology that is capable of multiplying its multi-thread capabilities. In addition, the processor has the lowest rating compared to all 6th gen Intel processors. It runs at a set clock speed of 3.7 GHz minus a Turbo Boost feature which proves that it runs at a constant clock speed. This is much commendable for such a CPU. In addition, the Intel Core i3-6100 has 3MB of L3 cache and half the L2 cache of 512 KB. Considering it is designed on the new architecture, it has better overall support for more PCle 3.0 lanes and USB 3.0.


The Intel Core i3-6100 review in terms of performance shows that the processor has 3.7 GHz clock speed which performs better in single core operations. It is actually a good CPU among PC builders at an affordable price for users who prefer single core usage. This processor is better than i5-6400 and even some of the 5th generation processors. It has 156cb which puts it between the Intel Core i5-6600K that has 170cb and the Intel Core i5 6400 that has 142cb. It seats comfortably above the older generation Intel Core i3 processors.

In the multi-threaded benchmarks however, the Intel Core isn’t much effective. At 402cb on Cinebench it seats behind the Core i5 6400 and much far from the if-6600K which also applies to the Geekbench and the Dolphine benchmark scores. It also suffers a video encoding as it has lower multi-thread performance. It falls a minute behind the time taken by i5-6400 for a 1024M benchmark which are not bad scores in terms of multi-threading because most of the modern applications depend on single core performance. This is the same in the Intel Core i3-6100 gaming review.

In terms of integrated graphics, it is 2 frames behind the 6400 CPU which is the same on Bioshock.

Features and chipset

In this Intel Core i3-6100 review, the chip has been improved from the 20nm of Haswell (4th generation Core) to 14nm and upgrades to the silicon are designed to improve performance and minimize the amount of electricity required. The chipset is however low and it lacks turbo boost which means that the i3-6100 can’t dynamically overclock to run at higher speeds. In other comparison, the Intel Core i5-6400 has 2.7 GHz base clock which can be boosted to 3.3 GHz whereas the Intel Core i5-6600K can be tweaked to a higher speed of 3.9 GHz.

However, the i3-6100 is ideal for most users as it runs at 3.7 GHz minus the Turbo Boost. The latest Intel Core i3 features the Intel HD Graphics 530 integrated core and the 530 variant in this case seats in the middle with 24 execution units and a clock that runs between 350 MHz and 1,050MHz. This is an amazing phenomenon as it supersedes more affordable chips like the i5-6400.

Overlocking and heat

In terms of overlocking and heat reviews, the Intel Core i3-6100 processor has a 51 W TDP when compared to the i5s of 65 W or 91 W. the AMD chips on the other hand require 95 W or 125 W. it supports USB 3.0, has better networking options and better overclocking options. It also has DDR4 memory support.

Pricing and availability

The Intel Core i3-6100 faces stiff competition from other processors like the AMD’s FX, the closest being the FX 6350 that goes for about $144.99. it has three cores that can deal with six threads at the same time. It has 8MB of L3 cache and a 3.9 GHz core that can overclock itself to 4.2 GHz.


The Core i3 6100 processor reviewed is a better processor that separates itself from its tight competitors with single performance. It is even almost similar if not the same to its rival AMD FX-6300 but seats behind the Intel Core i5 6400. However, it is regarded a better processor as it has a high clock speed and supports the latest technology.