Intel Core i5-6300U Review

March 4, 2020

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Intel Core i5-6300U is an Ultra-Low Voltage ULV dual-core SoC with Skylake architecture launched in September 2015. Its CPU is normally found in ultrabooks and ordinary notebooks. It is an updated version of the Core i5-6200U having marginally better performance as it has adopted the vPro technology. The chip is manufactured by 14nm FinFET manufacturing process. It is designed with two cores at a maximum speed of 3.0 GHz and 2.9 GHz with two active cores and has the base frequency of 2.4 GHz. In addition, it has improved clock rates to give better performance as compared to the former Broadwell core i7-5500U. The processor supports up to 32 GB of non-ECC dual-channel DDR4-2133 memory


In this i5 6300U review, the processor has specified clock rates and improved architecture with better performance. It has powerful CPU suitable for office as well as multimedia purposes and other demanding applications and multitasking. It has two CPU cores with Hyper-Threading clocked at 2.4 – 3.0 GHz (2 cores: max 2.9 GHz). The CPU is compatible with DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4, OpenCL 2.0 and Vulkan 1.0.31 APIs.

In terms of cache of Intel Core i5 6300U, Level 1 Cache is 128 KB, Level 2 Cache is 512 KB and Level 3 Cache is 3 MB

It has Die size of 99 mm2 and the integrated graphics unit which is referred to as HD Graphics 520 represents the GT2 version of the Skylake GPU (Intel Gen. 9). The 24 Execution Units which are also known as EUs are clocked at 300 – 1000 MHz.

Transistor count on the other side add up to 1750 Million

It has the BGA socket, a RAM speed of 2133 MHz, maximum memory bandwidth of 34.1 GB/s and 2 memory channels. The processor consists of the following security, data protection and /or software features: Intel Security Key, vPro technology, Boot Guard, Identity Protection technology, OS Guard and Smart response technology.

The number of Cores/Threads is 2/4. It has Intel HD Graphics 520 (300 – 1000 MHz), 64 bit support. The integrated graphics unit represents the “GT2” version of the Skylake GPU (Intel Gen. 9).

Features and Chipset

The improved Skylake design includes increased out-of-order buffers, optimized prefetching and branch prediction and additional performance gains through Hyper-Threading. The overall performance per clock has been increased as well by 5 to 10 percent (compared to Haswell) and 5 percent (compared to Broadwell).

I5-6300U review features include Dual-Channel DDR3L-1600/DDR4-2133 Memory Controller, HyperThreading technology, AVX, AVX2, Quick Sync, Virtualization, AES-NI, vPro, TXT. The graphics unit comprises of the following software features enabled: Intel Wireless Display, Quick Sync Video, Clear Video technology, clear video HD technology, InTru 3D technology and Insider.

Overlocking and heat

In terms of overlocking and heat Intel Core i5-6300U reviews include a maximum power consumption (TDP=Thermal Design Power) of 15W just like the rest of ULV CPUs including the DDR4-2133/DDR3L – 1600 memory controller and the integrated GPU. The CPU is best for small notebooks and ultrabooks (11-inches and above). The TDP can be lowered to 7.5 watts (cTDP down), reducing both heat dissipation and performance and allowing more compact designs. It has a maximum temperature of 100o

Pricing and availability

The Intel Core i5 6300U is priced at $281 and is in the same range with other competitors and is a better option to buy. Because of improved specifications and i5 6300U benchmark review, this processor is expected to perform better than the former Core i7-5500U (Broadwell, 15 M).

Overall benchmark

The overall benchmark of i5-6300U is 9.23, 3DMark06 CPU is 4050, Cinebench 10 32-bit single – core is 4679, cinebench 10 32-bit multi-core is 10573, Cinebench 11.5 64-bit single-core is 1, Cinebench 11.5 64-bit multi-core is 3, Cinebench 15 64-bit single-core is 122, Cinebench 15 64-bit multi-core is 307. It also has a geek bench result of 6556, performance per watt of 437.


According to the price and i5-6300U benchmark reviewed, this processor is a good choice to buy. Some of the optional products of i5 6300U include Intel Core i5 6440HQ for $250, Intel Core i5 6350 HQ, Intel Core i5 6300 HQ, Intel Core i5 6287U, Intel Core i5 6267U, Intel Core i5 6360U, Intel Core i5 6260U, Intel Core i5 6198DU and Intel Core i5-6200U.