JIRA vs SharePoint

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Jira is better.

Jira is a better project management solution when we compare Jira vs SharePoint as it makes the complexities of software development into acceptable simple units of task management. It is powerful, flexible and separates projects quite easily.

JIRA vs SharePoint: FEATURES

JIRA on the other hand uses a hybrid Scrumban approach which is basically a combination of Scrum and Kanban do adapt to every user scenario. All your workflows, fields, states and issue types have the defaults which the user can change to his/her preference. JIRA deals predominantly with agile project management with the use of Scrumban to capture data as well as regulatory evidence at every stage of the process. It also unites all historic data in a single, searchable hub as well as providing access to it at any time. This helps team members in the project to carry out all rend of analysis as well as statistical investigations while making final overall report of the progress of the tasks at hand.

SharePoint is a DMS from Microsoft with great features for Companies or teams who wish to collaborate efficiently. It is basically designed to empower teamwork and seamless collaboration within the project. It provides CMS features like document and digital asset management, case and contract management as well as reporting and analytics. These features are essential for the user to create, manage and review all content types from a specified central hub.

Bottom line: Jira is better.


Jira is a project management program that is designed for efficiency, continuous releases and customer feedback. It enables users to use the drag-and-drop formula while utilizing Scrum, Kanban and hybrid model or while designing your own workflow. It has several templates that include Kanban, Scrum, Project Management, Bug Tracking and many more.

The Kanban has three columns: “to do,” “in progress” and “done” for a simple task but you can add more columns as you wish which can represent anything you assign it to in the project. The scrum view on the other hand allows you to create issues and you can pick some for “sprints” with each assigned a goal or a deadline.

Jira bases its task around basic elements known as issues which are divided into several types. You will use tasks or bugs as well as stories which represent goals or functions and epics which represent larger stories that are to be subdivided into smaller elements. Subtasks are created inside tasks and can be added by clicking the required icon and then tick them off once you are through with them.

SharePoint on the other hand is engineered with a Centralized Administration Console which managers use to access basic operation features, adjust settings, restore data, monitor performance and use the configuration wizards in a centralized point. It is also designed to protect the data of the user from unauthorized users.

Bottom line: Jira is better.


JIRA provides a platform whereby members can share an issue instead of copying a link and send it to another member using another application. It also consists of built-in reports where members stay up-to-date on projects and progress of the same. In addition, JIRA consists of monitoring Activity Streams and Dashboards which provide up-to-date information about everything happening in the project.

SharePoint on the other hand enhances collaboration by allowing users to edit components and create their own custom apps according to their preference. It has an array of collaborative features for both internal and external communication for improved business decisions and higher ROI rates. It is known as the leader of business collaboration as it makes things easy without the assistance of a developer to handle implementation or a professional assistance to operate it.

Bottom line: SharePoint is better.

JIRA vs SharePoint: PRICING

JIRA pricing include $10 per month for projects, $20 per month for development and $20 per month for service desk.

SharePoint doesn’t have a free trial but offers three paid plans. Plan 1 costs $5 per user per month; Plan 2 costs $10 per user while Office 365 enterprise E3 goes for $20 per user per month.

Bottom line: SharePoint is better.


Jira is a better project management program in this review as it makes the complexities of software development into acceptable simple units of task management. It is powerful, flexible and separates projects quite easily.

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