Kanbanchi vs Trello

February 7, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Trello is better.

Trello is a better project management when we compare Kanbanchi vs Trello as it has a mobile version, free version and affordable pricing plans for businesses, has a fun way of collaboration with the use of stickers and emoji, has power-up function for integrating apps. It is best for businesses that want simple task management tools, project boards and checklists.

Kanbanchi vs Trello: FEATURES

Kanbanchi is a cloud-based task and project management program designed for G suite. It has unlimited boards and cards, Gantt charts, email and in-app notifications, team collaboration tools, time tracker feature and many more.

Trello on the other hand is a simple tool that bases mostly on its Kanban view whereby it allows the user to create columns and add cards to them. The cards can be dragged from one column to the other to reveal their status or the person who is assigned to them. The user can give names to the columns and a typical setup mostly being ‘to-do, ‘doing and ‘done’. There is much you can do with Trello, you can attach files to boards within the 10MB and 250MB range according to your plan.

Trello allows you assign cards to team members; you can categorize them and even give deadlines. The cards might include subtasks but it lacks dependency management default. It also has customizations like stickers and Emoji. Another amazing feature of Trello is the power-ups that allow the user to add the views and features found in other tools. Data from other platforms can be used via the power-ups as well. It has got the ‘butler’ plugin that allows the user to automate tasks and it is an easy to use feature which allows you to create buttons that perform several actions on cards for efficiency of your project.

Bottom line: Trello is better.

Kanbanchi vs Trello: WORK MANAGEMENT

Based on Kanban, Kanbanchi is a scheduling system that has its roots in japan and allows users to collaborate in a drag-and-drop environment with easy reviewing of multiple projects’ highlights on one screen. Users can move cards from one side of a board to the other, placing them in columns which reflect progress in a process. The cards begin in the left column and users can then move them to the right and you can name your column titles. The column-heading can include New Project, In Process and Closed and users can create unlimited columns and cards within a Kanbanchi board.

Trello on the other hand is none of the leading project management project management apps on the market which its main concept is to utilize the boards which are just similar to projects. The boards contain the cards that represent tasks which contain lists that can be used to track the progress of a given task or simply categorize things. It is a program that is well integrated and reasonably priced and helps the user to succeed in what he is doing as he has a glimpse of seeing who is doing what and what still needs to be done.

Bottom line: Trello is better as it has organization of projects.

Kanbanchi vs Trello: COLLABORATION

Collaboration in Kanbanchi is made simple as everything is simplified because of the Kanban feature with cards-and-board system that lets users to quickly grasp where all of their projects and tasks stand. In addition, you can get in-depth information on any project or task by simply clicking on a card to see notes, past events and action items.

Trello is a popular and preferred task management and project collaboration solution that suits several teams and companies of all sizes. It has an easy to use interface, intuitive, can be customized and is very reliable. With Trello, users can get notifications in case there is a new task added, when there are changes or updates made. It allows real time collaboration by its users as it notifies the users in of any developments in their project.

Bottom line: Trello is better.

Kanbanchi vs Trello: PRICING

Kanbanchi has a free trial and a free plan with premium plans priced as follows;

Starter plan is $7.95 per user per month.

Professional plan is $19.97 per user per month

Enterprise plan has different prices and you can contact vendor for quotation.

Trello has 4 pricing plans which include a free trial for 1 month, free, business class that goes at $9.99 per user per month and enterprise plan that goes for $20.83 per user.

Bottom line: Kanbanchi is better.


Trello is a better project management tool as it provides simple task management tools, project boards and checklists.

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