Kaspersky Endpoint security Vs ZoneAlarm Pro

July 22, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Kaspersky Endpoint Security is a better antivirus.

When we compare ZoneAlarm Vs Kaspersky in this review, Kaspersky is better because it has a high level of PC protection from all malicious and virus programs, its interface is simple and clear, it runs at a desired high speed, is good in monitoring internet links for reliability check of any website, has anti-spam and anti-banner components that stop unnecessary content, has anti-phishing and does a fast full system scanning.

Kaspersky Endpoint security Vs ZoneAlarm Pro: SECURITY

Kaspersky is a trusted brand antivirus that has a comprehensive protection of your device against all kinds of malicious software. It checks all files that are accessed by the OS in real-time and are under four modules: file antivirus that checks all opened, launched and saved files; mail antivirus that monitors incoming and outbound messages; web antivirus that protects against malicious scripts on the web and proactive protection that provides detection of still unknown viruses. Kaspersky is also ideal in malware protection, ransomware detection and phishing detection.

ZoneAlarm on the other side is an up-date antivirus that checks for any malicious files against a cloud database and ensures that it deals with all and even modern PC threats. It has a cloud that has up-to-date antivirus signatures and definitions. In addition, this antivirus has a two way firewall that proactively monitors all the inbound and outbound traffic for potential hackers. It also has an automatic wireless Network Security which takes care of your device’s wireless network settings and in return automatically offers the desired maximum secure firewall protection settings available. In situations of phishing, ZoneAlarm provides Chrome Extension to monitor phishing and it has 100% virus free guarantee.

Bottom line: Kaspersky is better than ZoneAlarm in terms of security.

Kaspersky Endpoint security Vs ZoneAlarm Pro: FEATURES

When we compare ZoneAlarm and Kaspersky in terms of features, Kaspersky is an antivirus that has tested excellently perfect protection against malicious or virus programs. It usually does a fast full scan of your device’s system and it runs at a very sufficient high speed. It also has a very user friendly interface and in addition, it has a very special module that monitors internet links to assess if the website is reliable to be accessed by the user. Great protection against phishing and parental control are also addition features of Kaspersky.

ZoneAlarm is an essential antivirus that can be used in small business and this doesn’t mean it is a dedicated business or endpoint line of this antivirus. This product has an updated anti-phishing Chrome Extension that takes care of the security of your online privacy and on top of this; it proactively protects against all kinds of inbound and outbound malicious cyber threats. It has an advanced firewall whose work is to monitor suspicion of unwanted attacks on programs and blocks even new attacks, has a two-way firewall that protects your data against ransomware and an identity protection that is capable of preventing identity theft against your personal data on your device.

Bottom line: Kaspersky is better than ZoneAlarm in terms of features.

Kaspersky Endpoint security Vs ZoneAlarm Pro: COMPATIBILITY

Compatible with windows; Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; Kaspersky is compatible with Mac.

Compatible with iOS; Kaspersky is compatible with iOS.

Compatible with Android; Kaspersky is compatible with iOS.

Bottom line: Kaspersky is better as it is compatible with all platforms.

Kaspersky Endpoint security Vs ZoneAlarm Pro: PRICING

The pricing of Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm can be compared as follows;

Starting price; Kaspersky has $29.99 whereas ZoneAlarm has $44.95

Discount available; Kaspersky has 50%.

Money Back Guarantee; Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm have Money Back Guarantee of 30 days.

Bottom line: Kaspersky is a better antivirus in terms of pricing as it is affordable and has a 50% discount.


Kaspersky is considered a better antivirus in this review because it is a great program that has been tested and proven to block malware threats on your device, has on-screen keyboard that masks usernames as well passwords from keyloggers when you enter them. Another amazing feature that makes this antivirus better is it gives you a safe browsing environment.