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LG G5 VS. LG V20
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September 6, 2019

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Bottom line: which one is better?

When pitted against each other for comparison in terms of device specifications, LG G5 and LG V20 are similar in many aspects, although the former will come out superior in the several comparable features. For instance, LG G5 has 7.99% higher pixel density, 1.6x more megapixel, has stereo speakers,15g lighter, has wireless charging, has continuous autofocus when recording movies, is 4.2mm narrower, is 10.3mm shorter.


The following features are used when comparing lg v20 vs. lg g5:


  • LG G5 has a height of 149.4mm while LG V20 has a height of 159.7mm


  • LG G5 Weighs 159g while LGV20 weighs 174


  • LG G5 is thicker as it has 7.7mm compared to 7.6mm of LG V20


  • LG G5 has 73.9mm for its width whereas LG V20 has 78.1mm


  • LG G5 displaces a volume of 85.01cm3 while Compared to the higher value of LG V20, 94.79
Bottom Line design
From the above analysis, both phones are convenient and user-friendly though LG G5 is better.


When it comes to comparing lg g5 vs. lg v20 in display, both phones are almost at par, though differ in some areas as follows:


  • Both have similar resolution specification of 1440x2560pixels

Pixel density;

  • LG G5 has more clarity with its 554pixels per inch as compared to LG V20s 513pixels per inch.

Screen size;

  • Here LG V20 has a slight edge as it boasts of 5.7inches while LG G5 has 5.3inches

Gorilla glass version;

  • Both have the new gorilla glass version 4.


  • Both display with three subpixels per pixel.

IPS screen;

  • Both have an advanced IPS screen.
Bottom Line display
The two phones are tied in this category in most of the features, but LG G5 takes a win and is better because of its superior pixel density.


In terms of performance, we compare lg g5 vs. v20 according to:

CPU speed:

  • Both have a rate of 4×2.1GHz

Clock speed:

  • The two phones share a similar GPU clock speed of 624 MHz {Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996}


  • Both have 4 GB of primary memory.

RAM speed:

  • They also share in this, 1688MHz {Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996}. Which enables it to be fast in memory and system performance.

CPU threads:

  • Both have four threads which aid in multitasking.

OpenGL version:

  • Both have the 3.1 version which is used in games to provide better graphics.

Front-end width:

  • Width of 3 is characterized in both.

Extended memory:

  • Both phones have standard memory slots for an extension.
Bottom Line performance
lg g5 is better.


When you compare lg g5 and lg v20 based on the cameras, consider:

Back camera;

  • Both have a dual camera system with 16mp and 8mp

Front camera;

  • LG G5 is better with 8mp front camera compared to LG V20 which is lower as it has only 5mp

Video recording;

  • The main cameras of both phones have a specification of 2160×30 frames per second

Widest aperture;

  • Both have a spec of f/2.4 and f/1.8.
Bottom Line cameras
Clearly, LG G5 is better, especially when it comes to selfies.


Stereo speakers;

  • LG G5 has stereo speakers a feature not found in LG V20


  • Both have two microphones

Audio jack;

  • Both have a port for a 3.5mm audio jack


  • Both have a built-in FM radio tuner
Bottom Line audio
LG G5 is better in audio.


Battery power;

  • LGV20 has a more powerful battery life of 3200mAh whereas LG G5 has a battery of 2800 mAh

Fast charging;

  • LGV20 supports fast charging while LGG5 does not support fast charging

Wireless charging;

  • LGG5 comes with a wireless charging kit a feature lacking in LGV20

Removable battery;

  • Both phones have removable batteries
Bottom Line battery
The higher battery power and fast charging feature make the V20 better.


In terms of special features, both phones are very much similar in that both have; multi-user system, offline voice recognition, support java, and have sharing intents.


From the detailed discussion above comparing lg v20 vs. lg g5 specs,it is apparent that LG G5 is better if you consider all the evaluation features.

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