LG G5(H840) vs LG G3

June 7, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line:  LG G5(H840) is clearly the better phone as evidenced by the features.

In this review on lg g3 vs lg g5, LG G5(H840) is better because it has; 2.97% higher pixel density, 44% faster CPU speed, 23.08% more megapixels on the main camera, stereo speakers, 4x faster downloads, 1.2mm thinner and has a fingerprint scanner.

LG G5(H840) vs LG G3: DESIGN

Based on the design, lg g3 vs g5 compare using:

Thickness; LG G5(H840) has 7.7mm while LG G3 has 8.9mm

Weight; LG G5(H840) is 159g against 149g of LG G3

 Height; 149.4mm for LG G5(H840) while LG G3 has 146.3mm

 Width; 73.9mm for LG G5(H840) whereas LG G3 is 74.6mm

Bottom line:  LG G5(H840) is slimmer, has a good body build and provides a good grasp.

LG G5(H840) vs LG G3: DISPLAY

Both phones, lg g5 vs lg g3 have the following display characteristics:

Resolution; The two phones share a resolution of 1440x2560px

Pixel density; LG G5(H840) has a higher pixel density, 554ppi versus 538ppi of LG G3

Screen size; LG G5(H840) screen size is 5.3inches whereas LG G3 has 5.5inches

Bottom line: The higher pixel density gives LG G5(H840) the win in this category


The performance of g3 vs g5 is ranked based on:

Clock speed; LG G5(H840) has 624MHz while LG G3 has 578MHz

Ram speed; Both tied at 933MHz

RAM; Both LG G5(H840) and LG G3 have 3gb

CPU speed; LG G5(H840) has 8×1.8GHz whereas LG G3 has 4×2.5GHz

AES; Only LG G5(H840) has this feature which enable faster encryption and decryption of data

Bottom line; LG G5(H840) is faster at manipulating data and yielding results than LG G3

LG G5(H840) vs LG G3: CAMERAS

Back camera; LG G5(H840) has a 16mp camera while LG G3 only has a single 13mp camera.

Front camera; LG G5(H840) has 8mp whereas LG G3 has 2.1mp

Bottom line; LG G5(H840) is a better media device, as it takes clearer photos.

LG G5(H840) vs LG G3: AUDIO

We compare lg g3 and lg g5 based on:

Stereo speakers; LG G5(H840) has this feature which is unavailable in LG G3

Both have a port for a 3.5mm audio jack

LG G5(H840) has a built in FM radio tuner while LG G3 lacks this feature.

Bottom line; LG G5(H840) offers extra features to enhance the audio experience.

LG G5(H840) vs LG G3: BATTERY

Battery power; LG G3 has a 3000mAh battery while LG G5(H840) has 2800mAh on its battery.

Bottom line: LG G5(H840) battery life is better and will enable usage for a long while.


Upload speed; 150MBits/s for LG G5(H840) and 50MBits for LG G3

Download speed; 600MBits/s for LG G5(H840) and 150MBits for LG G3

USB version; LG G5(H840) has version 3 while LG G3 has version 2.

Bluetooth version; LG GS(H840) has the 4.2 version while LG G3 has the 4.0 version

Fingerprint scanner; Only available in LG GS(H840)

Sim card support; LG GS(H840) supports 2 while LG G3 supports only 1

Bottom line: LG G3 is efficient in data transfer and more current in terms of technology.


LG G5(H840) is a better and an all-rounded phone in terms of the features it offers. This makes it give the user a richer, satisfying experience compared to LG G3. The final decision however is down to user tastes and preferences.