LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7


Bottom line: which one is better?

In comparing LG G6 vs Samsung s7, the differences are evident from the onset starting with advanced performance of 4 units of cores in G6 through Quad core. The display unit of LG G6 is slightly larger at 14.48cm as compared to s7 at 12.95cm. G6 offers an even bigger storage system of 64GB while s7 has 32GB.

Bottom line: a simpler operating system enhances speed in phone operation. How about a larger display area and even bigger storage ability? Of the two phones, LG G6 is better.

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Design

The G6 vs s7 comparison explicitly shows how G6 is a wider phone by 2.3mm, heavier by 11 grams, and longer by 6.5mm over s7. Though they share some common features as equal thickness, same case make up, and dust proof, G6 comes in many shades of colors.

Bottom line: a lighter phone enhances portability and a wider phone ensures enjoyment when in use. For this reason, LG G6 is better.

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Display

The perfect Galaxy s7 vs LG G6 scenario is epitomized in phone aspect ratio where G6 is 18:9 and s7 has none. LG G6 has 6.14% additional screen to body ratio over Samsung s7 that stands at 72.18%. With a screen resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels, G6 is superior to s7 at 1440 x 2560 pixels.

Bottom line: there is no such wonderful thing as having a wider screen with high pixels in a phone. LG G6 is thus a better phone.

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Performance

Samsung Galaxy s7 vs LG G6 in terms of chipset composition is quite unique. Whereas G6 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro, s7 use Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890. Both use different graphics in Adreno 530 for G6 and Mali-T880 MP12 for s7. They share most common processors though there are a few that differ.

Bottom line: looking at the two phones, it is evident that latest state of the art features are found in LG G6 hence a better phone.

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Cameras

LG G6 vs Galaxy s7 camera wise is quite enticing most especially that both have similar video recording specs. They are however differentiated by physical aperture of F2.0 to G6 and F1.7 to s7. Both lack flash camera. Both have similar autofocus except for G6 with additional feature in Laser autofocus and different sensors.

Bottom line: with an additional feature of Burst mode in shooting, LG G6 is a better phone over s7.

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Audio

There is not much to point out in LG G6 vs s7 as both have similar features. They both offer loudspeakers and audio jack of 3.5mm. G6 has a slight edge over s7 in that it has FM radio which is lacking in s7.

Bottom line:  at times to overcome boredom, FM radio will come in handy. G6 offers this hence a better phone.

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Battery

Despite the fact that G6 has a lower talk time to s7, it offers standby time of up to 136 hours on 3G, is quick in charging at v3.0, and has a higher charge capacity of 300mAh over s7. All these features are lacking in s7.

Bottom line:  rather than choose a phone that will give you a longer talk time, opt for one that offers much more, that is LG G6.

LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Special features

These two phones have commonality of features in additional sensors alongside finger sensor. The only difference is that G6 has its finger sensor at the back while s7 is at the front.

Bottom line: a sensor located at the back of the phone offers much more safety, for that reason, LG G6 is better.


LG as a company as compared to Samsung doesn’t come anywhere close to being given accolades in phone production. Samsung is a household name in that regard. In LG G6, LG as a company outdid themselves to produce a quality product against Samsung. In a nutshell, LG G6 wins against s7.