LG K30 Vs LG Stylo 3 (LS777)

June 6, 2019

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Bottom line: which one is better?

Bottom line: From this review on lg stylo 3 vs lg k30, it is clear that lg k30 is better even though lg stylo 3 is cheaper.

The two phones compare well in most features but the following give lg k30 an upper-hand: 7.78% higher pixel density, 16gb more internal storage, NFC, is 4.9mm narrower and 7mm shorter. It is also dual sim card, has a manual ISO and a serial shot mode.

LG K30 Vs LG Stylo 3 (LS777): DESIGN

Height; lg k30 is 148.6mm in height while stylo 3 is 155.6mm.

Width; 74.9mm for lg k30 and 79.8mm for stylo 3.

Weight; while lg k30 has a weight of 168.1g, lg stylo 3 has 149g.

Thickness; lg k30 is 8.6mm while stylo 3 is 7.4mm.

Bottom line: here, lg stylo 3 is better.

LG K30 Vs LG Stylo 3 (LS777): DISPLAY

Pixel density; while lg k30 has 277ppi, stylo 3 has 257ppi.

Resolution; both have the same resolution of 720 x 1280px.

Screen size; lg k30 has 5.3” while stylo 3 has 5.7”

Both phones have an LCD with three subpixels per pixels and an IPS screen.

Bottom line: lg k30 has a better display than the latter.

LG K30 Vs LG Stylo 3 (LS777): PERFORMANCE

RAM speed; lg k30 has 667MHz (Qualcomm snapdragon 425 MSM8917) while stylo 3 has 800MHz (Qualcomm snapdragon 435 MSM8940)

CPU threads; lg k30 has 4 of them while stylo 3 has 8.

Maximum memory bandwidth; lg k30 has 5.3GB/s while stylo 3 has 6.4GB/s.

Both phones have an integrated LTE and graphics.

Bottom line: lg stylo 3 is better in performance.

LG K30 Vs LG Stylo 3 (LS777): CAMERAS

Megapixels; both have the same back camera of 13mp.

Video recording; both have 1080 x 30fps.

Front camera megapixels; both phones have 5mp.

Both phones have a flash and built-in HDR mode. However, only lg stylo 3 has a built-in optical image stabilization.

Bottom line: lg stylo 3 is better in the cameras.

LG K30 Vs LG Stylo 3 (LS777): AUDIO

Both phones have a socket for a 3.5mm audio jack and one microphone. They also lack stereo speakers and dedicated media keys. Only lg stylo 3 has a radio.

Bottom line: lg stylo 3 is better.

LG K30 Vs LG Stylo 3 (LS777): BATTERY

Battery power; lg k30 has a battery power of 2880mAh while lg stylo 3 has 3200mAh.

Battery life; 13h for lg k30 and 25h for stylo 3.

Only lg stylo 3 has a removable battery.

Bottom line: lg stylo 3 is better in battery.


In terms of the special features, only lg k30 has an NFC, a USB type C and has dual sim card provision.

Bottom line: based on these special features, lg k30 is better.


Wrapping up, you have seen how the two phones compare and noticed that lg k30 is the better device of the two phones.