LG V10 vs LG V20

July 5, 2019

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Bottom line: which one is better?

While contrasting between LG v10 vs LG v20 is a bit hectic due to their originality (LG), the v20 has a high performance system in Quad core while v10 ran on Hexa Core. Additionally, v20 is advanced in camera by offering 16MP + 8MP to v10’s 16MP. The v20 has an extra 200mAh charge capacity over v10.

Bottom line: clients will always be suckers for phones with high charge capacity, extremely good camera, and steady performance. All these features are found in LG v20 making it a better phone.

LG V10 vs LG V20: Design

The design feature of LG v20 vs v10 is that v20 is 1.0mm slimmer, 18grams lighter and 0.1mm shorter thereby enhancing the portability and ease to carry around. The limiting factor to v20 is lack of metallic case and few shades of colors to choose from.

Bottom line: A phone that is light is easier to carry and operate. This makes LG v20 the better option.

LG V10 vs LG V20: Display

The v20 and v10 both offer the best in terms of display, similar pixel density of 515 ppi, screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and a multi-touch, capacitive touchscreen. The v20 however, has a higher calculated screen to body ratio of up to 70.73% against v10 at 70.61%.

Bottom line:  these two phones are closely related in features but uniqueness is found in LG v20 through screen to body ration percentage making it a better phone.

LG V10 vs LG V20: Performance

Despite having similar RAM and architecture features, LG v20 vs LG v10 in comparison offer some differences as well. The v20 rans on more superior chipset and graphics software. The v20 has an extra processor in Quad core (2.15 GHz, Dual core, Kryo + 1.6 GHz, Dual core, Kryo).

Bottom line: similarities notwithstanding, any phone with higher performance ability through additional processors is reliable; v20 has this, hence a better phone.

LG V10 vs LG V20: Cameras

The v10 vs v20 comparison is beautifully captured in camera feature. The v20 is Mr. reliable as it possess additional SO control setting, Auto Flash, Digital image stabilization, Hybrid autofocus, Phase Detection autofocus, and Dual LED Flash. The only down trend to v20 is a lower physical aperture of F1.9.

Bottom line: if you want to capture quality events and reliably then give a thought to LG v20 to do the job as it is better at it.

LG V10 vs LG V20: Audio

The point of separation here is not that distinctive as one would wish for to make an informed decision. Both are fixed with audio jack of 3.5mm, loudspeakers, and FM radio. The only point of divergence is that v20 has its FM radio fixed with RDS.

Bottom line:  any phone fixed with RDS to its FM radio is guaranteed to give clear signals. The v20, by virtue of having this, is a better phone.

LG V10 vs LG V20: Battery

In the LG v10 vs v20 battery comparison, the v20 is lagging to v10. It lacks such features as standby and talk time. Though it has quick charge ability, it is not enhanced by v2.0 software. The only winning point for v20 is its high charge capacity of 3200mAh.

Bottom line:  a phone might possess all the required features but with low charge ability, all the features are bound to malfunction.  For this reason, LG v20 is better.

LG V10 vs LG V20: Special features

LG v20 rans on a stronger operating system of v7.0 (Nougat) while v10 ran on v5.1.1 (Lollipop) android. With a Bluetooth power of v4.2, v20 is stronger to v10 at v4.1. The only undoing to v20 is that it lacks USB connectivity that is available in v10 as microUSB 2.0.

Bottom line: a phone is as reliable as its operating system. LG v20 offers that reliability hence a better phone.


LG v20 is quite pricey but the guaranteed efficiency is evidently glaring for all to see and make use of. Superiority of a phone is not only found in its operating system but also in the supporting casts, the features. Having looked at these two phones, it is clear that LG v20 is better.