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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS. LG V20
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LG V20

March 4, 2020

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Bottom line: which one is better?

The basic information concerning LG v20 vs galaxy note 4 is that both are phones of competitive companies LG and Samsung. The v20 has higher internal memory of 32GB and take up to 2TB expandable memory. The v20 has a stronger Bluetooth connectivity compared to note 4 which has v4.2          v4.1 respectively.

Bottom line: A phone with high internal memory is good and to add on an expandable memory is better. This means that v20 is better.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Design

The design comparison of note 4 vs v20 is a clear cut given that v20 is 0.6mm slimmer, 2grams lighter and 6mm taller.

Bottom line: A perfect design on a phone matters and in this case we find out that v20 is lighter, slimmer and taller thus a better phone.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Display

The v20 vs note 4 in terms of the display type differ; v20 has IPS LCD while note 4 has Super AMOLED. Despite the fact that both have the same pixel density of 515ppi and a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, the note 4 has higher calculated screen to body ratio of 74.06% and note 4 has 71.73%.

Bottom line:  both phones have shown their similarity there being note 4 has a larger screen to body ratio it is thereby a better phone.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Performance

Comparing the phones on the performance perspective is very easy as they differ in their features. The v20 has a chipset qualcomm snapdragon 820 MSM8996 while galaxy note 4 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 APQ8084 which is quite lower. The v20 has a higher RAM of 4GB and graphics that differ by Adreno110 over note 4.

Bottom line: The performance of a phone marks everything and in this case v20 has stronger chipset, graphics and RAM hence better.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Cameras

On the camera view you find out that v20 has a settings exposure compensation and ISO control while note 4 lack both. The v20 has a hybrid and laser additional autofocus and an Image resolution of 4616 x 3464 Pixels. The v20 has high front camera resolution but low physical aperture to note 4 that also lack Dual LED flash.

Bottom line: Proper and clear captures of events will always give a phone an edge over the other. These features make v20 a better phone.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Audio

LG v20 vs note 4 comparison offer similarities that have been seen in other phones. Both phones have loudspeaker and audio jack of 3.5mm. The v20 slightly edges note 4 by having FM radio fitted with RDS.

Bottom line: there is no such beautiful thing as having a phone with FM radio. This will always keep you entertained. Due to this, v20 is better.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Battery

Though low on battery charge capacity, v20 is still ahead of note 4 in terms of battery feature. It has an in-built battery and a slightly quick batter speed charge of v3.0.

Bottom line: in-built battery decreases the chances of battery damage. Further, quick charge saves time. By virtue of having these features, v20 is better.

LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Special features

Note 4 vs LG v20 is a beautiful comparison as they operate on two different systems. Note 4 rans on Android v4.4.4 (Kitkat) while v20 ran on Android v7.0 (Nougat). More impressive is that v20 is dual sim while note 4 is single sim.

Bottom line: just pick a phone with stronger operating system and two slim slots any day and you’ll never go wrong. The v20 is a better phone.


There hasn’t been much of a challenge from note 4 in terms of many features to put a case up for itself for consideration. In case you are presented with a scenario where you have to choose between the two phones, then v20 is better.