Mavenlink vs Wrike

September 24, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Wrike is better.

In this review, Wrike is better when we compare Mavenlink vs Wrike as it has a free plan with great features and offers better pricing plans. It has a simple and intuitive interface that guides new entrants on how to transition from old ways to modern online way by the use of webinars, email integrations, spreadsheet view and task management.

Mavenlink vs Wrike: FEATURES

Mavenlink is a program designed for project-based services organizations to join together team members, projects and outcomes. It has Smart Snips, an excellent feature that allows you to make highlighted comments on the uploaded files in the browser. It has the Mavenlink Proofing that lets you review assets directly in the console.

It is suitable for professional service businesses that include advertising, marketing, public relations, IT services, educational services and much more. It also offers support for resource management, expense tracking and time management, planning and reports as well as analytics. It has a centralised dashboard that updates users on current activities and how the project is progressing.

Wrike is all-in-one project management and collaboration tool that gives users visual timelines for complete visibility into the status of the project they are tackling. It helps with the project efficiency as users can prioritize their tasks and connect the specific tasks to the project plans with discussions, emails and files. Wrike also has a built-in time tracking system which allows you to track the hours each team member spends on a given task and project and allows managers in evaluating the effectiveness of each team member in the project. Team members can also collaborate on a project in real time.

Bottom line: Wrike is better.

Mavenlink vs Wrike: WORK MANAGEMENT

Mavenlink is a project management project that is designed to help users control all the workflow quality. It offers you with project management, resource management, business intelligent, project accounting and team collaboration. It also helps the user store, organize and share files that are similar to the project in a centralized point. The task management helps to track time and budgets, create sub-tasks and integrate with Google Apps to sync files seamlessly. It also allows you to integrate with various business systems and apps with a flexible package according to your needs.

Wrike on the other hand is a solution that allows the manager to schedule, manage several projects, tasks or other events easily. You can integrate Wrike with emails and messengers to transfer tasks. It also offers a platform where you can arrange schedules on Kanban boards, in tables, task lists or view all your plans on the Timeline. It has a user-friendly navigation and a centralized hub where you can organize your project for you and your team. In addition, it offers excellent security measures to ensure protection against access of unauthorized personnel to your project’s information and other files stored in the online database.

Bottom line: Wrike is better.

Mavenlink vs Wrike: COLLABORATION

The team collaboration of Mavenlink is to centralize and prioritize all conversations, tasks, finances and activities in a centralized point. It stores, organizes and shares all files which are similar to the project you are handling. It also allows the user to integrate it with Google apps for seamless syncing of files. In addition, you can post, share as well as receive project updates in real time while keeping all your team members on the same page of the project.

Wrike has proofing feature which allows you to comment on files and with videos, comments can appear at particular points which makes the feature a better way to discuss with your team members issues with files they are working on or just highlight parts of training videos. In addition, Wrike offers very strong report capabilities for the user to get more detail on the progress of the project. You also get emails regularly which include daily-to-do lists and weekly updates on reports you are subscribed to.

Bottom line: the two programs offer the same collaborative features.

Mavenlink vs Wrike: PRICING

Mavenlink offers a free trial in terms of pricing and paid plans for teams that costs $19 per month, Professional plan that costs $39 per month per user, premier and enterprise plans which goes by quotation.

Wrike has got five pricing plans which include the free version, professional version for five, 10 or 15 users with a starting price of $9.80 per user per month. We have the business version for 5 up to 200 users and is priced at $24.80 per user per month, Wrike for marketers aimed at marketing and creative teams and you can contact Wrike for pricing and then the Enterprise version for businesses which you can contact vendor for pricing as well.

Bottom line: Wrike is better.


Wrike is a better solution in this review as it has better pricing plans and has robust features than Mavenlink.